Jacob Nighthorse

TV character
Played by: A Martinez
TV show: Longmire
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Jacob Nighthorse (or Jacob Blankenship as it was revealed in season 4 he changed his name in the 1990s) is the main antagonist in the Longmire television ...
First Appearance: Pilot
Jacob Nighthorse is the owner of a lot of businesses including the Four Arrows Casino in Longmire (TV series). He is active member of the Cheyenne ...
Former owner of the: Four Arrows Casino
First Appearance: Pilot
Birth Name: Jacob Blankenship
Status: Alive
May 26, 2021 · Surprisingly, the character of Jacob Nighthorse did not originate in Craig Johnson's popular series of "Longmire" mystery novels; he is a wholly ...
Known For. Longmire Jacob Nighthorse (2012-2017). Cowboy Bebop Stax (2021). Powwow Highway Buddy Red Bow (1988). Known For. Ambulance Papi (2022). Actor.
Jacob Nighthorse is possibly the most intriguing and challenging character on Longmire. Fascinating trying to figure him out! More information.
Jacob Nighthorse Longmire Series, Walt Longmire, Netflix Series, Tv Series, Robert Taylor. jillybean1966. Jill Johnson. 4k followers. More information.
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Oct 27, 2020 · Ok, Nighthorse's hardly a saint and his tendency to trust and support psychos like David Ridges and Malachi makes him bear some ...
Walt in the later seasons need to fuxking chill. Like really. #longmire#walt longmire#jacob nighthorse#henry standing bear#mathias.