1998 ‧ Mystery ‧ 8 seasons
7.1/10 ˇ IMDb
A group of sisters discover they are witches. Luckily for the world, they're of the good variety. Banding together in their ancestral home in San Francisco, they work together to fight evil, with each having a specific special power. Although...
First episode date: October 7, 1998
Address: 1329 Carroll Avenue
Genre: Drama; Fantasy
Networks: The CW and The WB
S08 E22 ˇ Forever Charmed
May 21, 2006
S08 E21 ˇ Kill Billie Vol. 2
May 14, 2006
S08 E20 ˇ Gone With the Witches
May 7, 2006
S08 E19 ˇ The Jung and the Restless
Apr 30, 2006
S08 E18 ˇ The Torn Identity
Apr 23, 2006
S08 E17 ˇ Generation Hex
Apr 16, 2006
S08 E16 ˇ Engaged and Confused
Feb 26, 2006
S08 E15 ˇ The Last Temptation of Christy
Feb 19, 2006
S08 E14 ˇ 12 Angry Zen
Feb 12, 2006
S08 E13 ˇ Repo Manor
Jan 22, 2006
S08 E12 ˇ Payback's a Witch
Jan 15, 2006
S08 E11 ˇ Mr and Mrs Witch
Jan 8, 2006
S08 E10 ˇ Vaya Con Leos
Nov 27, 2005
S08 E09 ˇ Hulkus Pocus
Nov 20, 2005
S08 E08 ˇ Battle of the Hexes
Nov 13, 2005
S08 E07 ˇ The Lost Picture Show
Nov 6, 2005
S08 E06 ˇ Kill Billie: Vol 1
Oct 30, 2005
S08 E05 ˇ Rewitched
Oct 23, 2005
S08 E04 ˇ Desperate Housewitches
Oct 16, 2005
S08 E03 ˇ Run, Piper, Run
Oct 9, 2005
S08 E02 ˇ Malice in Wonderland
Oct 2, 2005
S08 E01 ˇ Still Charmed & Kicking
Sep 25, 2005
S03 E22 ˇ All Hell Breaks Loose
May 17, 2001
S03 E21 ˇ Look Who's Barking
May 10, 2001
S03 E20 ˇ Exit Strategy
May 3, 2001
S03 E19 ˇ The Demon Who Came in From the Cold
Apr 26, 2001
S03 E18 ˇ Sin Francisco
Apr 19, 2001
S03 E17 ˇ Pre-Witched
Mar 22, 2001
S03 E16 ˇ Death Takes a Halliwell
Mar 15, 2001
S03 E15 ˇ Just Harried
Feb 22, 2001
S03 E14 ˇ The Good, the Bad and the Cursed
Feb 15, 2001
S03 E13 ˇ Bride and Gloom
Feb 8, 2001
S03 E12 ˇ Wrestling With Demons
Feb 1, 2001
S03 E11 ˇ Blinded by the Whitelighter
Jan 25, 2001
S03 E10 ˇ We All Scream for Ice Cream
Jan 18, 2001
S03 E09 ˇ Coyote Piper
Jan 11, 2001
S03 E08 ˇ Sleuthing With the Enemy
Dec 14, 2000
S03 E07 ˇ Power Outage
Nov 16, 2000
S03 E06 ˇ Primrose Empath
Nov 9, 2000
S03 E05 ˇ Sight Unseen
Nov 2, 2000
S03 E04 ˇ All Halliwell's Eve
Oct 26, 2000
S03 E03 ˇ Once Upon a Time
Oct 19, 2000
S03 E02 ˇ Magic Hour
Oct 12, 2000
S03 E01 ˇ The Honeymoon's Over
Oct 5, 2000
S02 E22 ˇ Be Careful What You Witch For
May 18, 2000
S02 E21 ˇ Apocalypse Not
May 11, 2000
S02 E20 ˇ Astral Monkey
May 4, 2000
S02 E19 ˇ Ex Libris
Apr 27, 2000
S02 E18 ˇ Chick Flick
Apr 20, 2000
S02 E17 ˇ How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans
Apr 6, 2000
S02 E16 ˇ Murphy's Luck
Mar 30, 2000

Mar 21, 2020 ˇ Charmed was on the air for eight seasons, but Shannon Doherty - who played Prue Halliwell - left at the end of season 3. Here's why.
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In 1998, Spelling again cast her in another of his television series, Charmed, in which she played one of the lead characters, Prue Halliwell, the oldest of ... Spouse(s): Ashley Hamilton (m. 1993; div. 1994); Rick Salomon (m. 2002; ann. 2003); Kurt Iswarienko (m. 2011) Born: Shannen Maria Doherty; April 12, 1971 (age 50); Memphis, Tennessee, U.S Years active: 1981–present Political party: Republican
Shannen Doherty has revealed why she won't return for Charmed's upcoming reboot. ... In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Shannen said a comeback is ...
Episode(s) ... Shannen Doherty portrayed Prue Halliwell from season one to season three in the The WB's, Charmed. ... She also portrayed P. Bowen in Season 2 as ... Episode(s): 66 Episodes Birth date: April 12th, 1971 Season: Season 1 to 3
Aug 8, 2020 ˇ While the reason behind their falling out was never made public, Milano allegedly demanded Doherty be fired. Doherty beat producers to the punch ...