Walt Longmire

Fictional character
Walter Longmire is a fictional character created by American author Craig Johnson Longmire is title character of Walt Longmire Mysteries, a series of mystery novels first published in 2004. Wikipedia
Played by: Robert Taylor
House location: Valles Caldera National Preserve
Created by: Craig Johnson
Years of service: 1972–Present
TV show: Longmire
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Why did Longmire get Cancelled?
The show's second season averaged nearly six million viewers per episode on A&E, making it the network's most-watched original series in history; however, ratings had dropped at the time of its cancellation.
What happened to Walt in Longmire?
At the end of the series, Walt decides to retire as sheriff and encourages his daughter Cady to run for sheriff in his place. Instead, Walt begins a search for Lord Anson Hamilton's buried treasure which Lucian Connally claimed to have found before his death.
How many Walt Longmire Mysteries are there?
The series is based on Craig Johnson's series of mystery novels, and if you decide to check them out, you're in for the long haul: there are 15 of them, plus short stories.
What's the order of the Longmire books?

The Complete List of Walt Longmire Books in Reading Order

The Cold Dish (2004)
Death Without Company (2006)
Kindness Goes Unpunished (2007)
Another Man's Moccasins (2008)
The Dark Horse (2009)
Junkyard Dogs (2010)
Hell Is Empty (2011)
Divorce Horse (2012) (short story)
Longmire is title character of Walt Longmire Mysteries, a series of mystery novels first published in 2004. The novels were adapted into Longmire, ...
First appearance: "The Cold Dish"; December 29, 2004
Children: Cady Longmire (daughter)
Title: Sheriff of Absaroka County, WY
Nationality: American
Walt Longmire is Sheriff of Wyoming's Absaroka County. The Cold Dish (Walt Longmire, #1), Death Without Company (Walt Longmire, #2), Kindness Goes Unpuni...
Sheriff Walt Longmire is the main character of the Longmire television series. Absaroka County native Walt Longmire is the well-respected sheriff that ...
Relationships: Victoria Moretti (girlfriend); Dr. Donna Monaghan (ex-girlfriend)
Date of Birth: 1963
Full Name: Walter Longmire
First Appearance: Pilot
Craig Johnson, a writer from Wyoming, is the author of multiple novels in the Walt Longmire mystery series which has garnered popular and critical acclaim.
Introducing Wyoming's Sheriff Walt Longmire in this riveting first Longmire novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Land of Wolves
A series by Craig Johnson · 1. The Cold Dish (2004) · 2. Death Without Company (2006) · 3. Kindness Goes Unpunished (2007) · 4. Another Man's Moccasins (2008) · 5.
The Walt Longmire book series by Craig Johnson includes books The Cold Dish, Death Without Company, Kindness Goes Unpunished, and several more.
Apr 26, 2022 · Walt Longmire has been sheriff of Wyoming's Absaroka County for almost a quarter of a century. He metes out justice with charm and a high- ...
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Walt Longmire is the dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. Widowed only a year, he is a man in psychic repair but buries his pain ...
Born January 16, 1961 in Huntington, West Virginia, Craig Johnson has written several novels throughout the course of his literary career. He first became an ...