Malachi Strand

Fictional character
Played by: Graham Greene
Malachi is one of the long-standing antagonists in Durant. Prior to the start of the series he was the Cheyenne reservation tribal police chief. He arrested by ...
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How does Malachi strand die?
He later kidnaps both Henry Standing Bear and Jacob Nighthorse and holds them, attempting to force Jacob to admit that Strand's crimes were his own as a suicide note. However Walt Longmire later saves the two, and Malachi is shot.
What happened to Malachi on Longmire?
Walt to the rescue She leads Walt toward Malachi before being fatally shot by one of Malachi's henchmen. Walt is forced to rush Marilyn to the hospital and abandon his quest to take down Malachi for the time being.
Aug 17, 2021
Is Jacob Nighthorse good or bad?
Jacob Nighthorse showed that he wasn't entirely evil; his viewpoints where just skewed and distorted. He did right here and there by the tribe only to fail them in other ways.
Who was Malachi in Longmire?
Graham Greene as Malachi Strand — the former chief of the tribal police and Nighthorse's chief of security at the casino (seasons 3-6).
Malachi Strand is a resident of Durant, Wyoming. He is of Cheyenne decent, and was formerly the police chief of the Cheyenne Reservation Tribal Police ...
He appeared as Malachi Strand in Longmire, which ran for six seasons from 2012 to 2017 on A&E and Netflix. He played Rafe McCawley in the science fiction ...
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Sep 18, 2014 · “My opinion is that as the tribal police chief, Malachi Strand was in fact the most dangerous ...
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Malachi Strand. Eric could feel her blood boiling as she saw him approach. “Well if it isn't Eric Soaring Hawk.” he said, smirking smugly, “Goodness!
Nov 20, 2017 · Walt's two greatest problems—the Irish mob and Malachi Strand—provided a combined, singular threat this season that mostly operated on the ...
Aug 17, 2021 · ... by the dastardly villain Malachi Strand (Graham Greene) to kidnap the ... Malachi plans to force Nighthorse to relinquish control of the ...
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