Annie Wilkes

Movie character
Annie Wilkes is the main antagonist in the 1987 novel Misery, by Stephen King. In the 1990 film adaptation of the novel, Wilkes was portrayed by Kathy Bates, who won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal. Wikipedia
Creator: Stephen King
First appearance: Misery
Father: Carl Wilkes
Nickname: Dragon Lady
Movies and TV shows: Castle Rock and Misery
Books: Misery
Played by
Annie Wilkes is the main antagonist in the 1987 novel Misery, by Stephen King. In the 1990 film adaptation of the novel, Wilkes was portrayed by Kathy Bates ...
Last appearance: Castle Rock (season 2)
Family: Carl Wilkes (father); Crysilda B. Wilkes (mother); Nancy Wilkes (mother; film canon); Paul E. Wilkes (brother); Evangeline ...
Occupation: Nurse (R.N. formerly)
Nationality: American
People also ask
What happened to Annie Wilkes in Castle Rock?
Castle Rock (2019) Annie got into a car accident in Castle Rock and stayed at the Star Gazer Lodge while waiting for her windshield to be repaired.
Is the movie Misery a true story?
Although the events of "Misery" aren't ripped from any real-life ordeal, the book itself (which King listed as one of his favorites during an interview on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert") does appear to have been spawned from the writer's personal demons.
Is Annie from Castle Rock Annie from Misery?
Wilkes was first brought to life on the screen in the 1990 film version of Misery by Kathy Bates, who won an Oscar for her performance. In that respect, Castle Rock star Lizzy Caplan has some big shoes to fill, but in many other respects her Annie and Bates' Annie are very different.
Is Annie Wilkes a real person?
In his commentary on the film available on the DVD, director Rob Reiner notes that Wilkes is loosely based on that of Genene Jones, a nurse who is believed to have killed as many as 50 children who were in her care over a two-year period.
Anne Marie "Annie" Wilkes-Dugan is a major antagonist of the Stephen King multiverse. Serving as the main antagonist of Misery, it's film adaptation, ...
Age: 44
Died: Winter 1987
Portrayed by: Kathy Bates (film); Lizzy Caplan (Castle Rock)
Anne Marie Wilkes, better known as Annie Wilkes, is the main antagonist in Stephen King's 1987 novel Misery and the 1990 Rob Reiner film adaptation of the ...
Type of Villain: Obsessed Serial Killer
Full Name: Anne Marie Wilkes
Powers / Skills: Ruthlessness; Nursing; High intelligence; Manipulation; Murder methods; Expertise in weaponry; High durability; ...
Crimes: Mass murder (including mass infanticide); Torture; Abuse; Mutilation; Kidnapping; Unlawful imprisonment; Animal cruelty ...
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Jul 18, 2020 · She is best known for the academy award winning portrayal of her by Kathy Bates in the 1990 film ...
Duration: 42:51
Posted: Jul 18, 2020
Oct 11, 2019 · Annie Wilkes is the villain of King's 1987 book Misery. She's many things: a captor, a killer, an obsessed fan, and completely unforgettable.
Character Created By: Stephen King
Nov 25, 2020 · "I'm your number one fan." Annie Wilkes' first utterance to Paul Sheldon, the badly-injured, bed-ridden author she's single-handedly rescued ...
Annie Wilkes is known for Death and Cremation (2010), Silent Music (2011) and Singin' in the Rain: ... Contact Info. Contact Info on IMDbPro View agent, ...
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Nov 6, 2019 · In Misery, Annie Wilkes is only ever seen as Paul Sheldon's captor, and as such cuts a terrifying figure throughout the film. However, in Castle ...
The Annie Wilkes viewers know and fear from Misery terrifies largely as a result of her excess of mental instability. Annie is not only delusional, but paranoid ...
Dec 12, 2019 · And it's the story of Annie Wilkes that the season ultimately brought to a satisfying conclusion. Titled “Clean,” the season finale directly ...