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In this book, international anti-inequality campaigner Ben Phillips shows why winning the debate is not enough: we have to win the fight.
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How to Fight Inequality is an ideal guide for anyone who wants to help. He brings to the book lessons and stories from a lifetime deeply enmeshed in activism ...
Apr 24, 2021 · In How to Fight Inequality (and Why That Fight Needs You), international civil society activist Ben Phillips offers a new book that aims to ...
Mar 18, 2021 · In his new book, How to Fight Inequality: and why that fight needs you, international anti-inequalities campaigner Ben Phillips discusses ...
Video for How to Fight Inequality:
Mar 22, 2021 · Ben Phillips is co-founder of the Fight Inequality Alliance, civil society activist, and writer. He is ...
Duration: 41:08
Posted: Mar 22, 2021
Such extreme inequality is standing in the way of ending global poverty. ... 5 shocking facts about extreme global inequality and how to even it up.
Jan 15, 2019 · The most common proposals for turning those descriptors around are big-picture government policies—things like hiking the minimum wage or ...
How to Fight Inequality by Ben Phillips ... whose widely acclaimed new book discusses inequality and how citizens must be the ones to address the issues.
May 9, 2021 · (Here, available for free for everyone, is the beginning part of How to Fight Inequality: ...
Sep 8, 2020 · The paradox of inequality is that the more we recognise its existence the less we seem to do to reduce it. How can we change?