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Are Duncan Lacroix and Sam Heughan friends?
Heughan added that as an actor, Lacroix has been his best friend and “chief entertainer” on set. He also claimed that Lacroix was the man who will “be drinking the most whiskey.”
Oct 30, 2020
Is Duncan Lacroix Scottish?
Duncan LaCroix who plays Murtagh Fraser was also not born in Scotland. He grew up in Welling in Kent before living in London and Galway, Ireland for many years.
Is Duncan Lacroix in Vikings?
In 2014 Lacroix appeared in the History Channel series "Vikings" (History, 2013-). ... He appeared in two episodes as Ealdorman Werferth. In 2014 Lacroix was cast as Murtagh Frasier in the series "Outlander" (Starz, 2014-).
Is Duncan Lacroix returning to Outlander?
Sadly, it is unlikely Duncan Lacroix will return to Outlander. This is because his character, Murtagh Fraser was killed in battle. If Lacroix is to return, it will most likely be in a flashback or a dream sequence. Alternatively, Murtagh could reappear if time-travelling has anything to do with it.
Duncan Lacroix, Actor: Outlaw King. Duncan Lacroix was born on December 28, 1969 in England. He is an actor, known for Outlaw King (2018), The Sisters ...
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Date of birth: December 28, 1969
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Nov 24, 2020 · NGL, Duncan Lacroix's beach bar is sounding pretty good right about now. Catch up on all ...
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Duncan Lacroix is an actor, known for Vikings, Outlander and Primeval .
Aug 22, 2021 · Duncan Lacroix as Murtagh Fitzgibbons in 'Outlander.' He sits in a room with. Duncan Lacroix as ...
Oct 30, 2020 · The one battle that proved to be particularly difficult for the cast was the Battle of Culloden at the start of season 3, says Duncan Lacroix ( ...
Sep 17, 2020 · Duncan Lacroix discusses what it's like to go from afterthought to fan favorite on Outlander and how hard it was to say goodbye.
Duncan Lacroix is an English actor who is best known for spending his time in Ireland. Currently, his most famous role might be Murtagh Fraser on Outlander, ...

Place of birth: Welling
Oct 17, 2021 · Duncan Lacroix posted in flight pictures getting to the Con on his Instagram last night. Will Chicago survive this maniac? IMG_6120.