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Rating (289)
Sep 4, 2021 · Led by stellar performances and artfully helmed by writer-director Florian Zeller, The Father presents a devastatingly empathetic portrayal of dementia.
Release Date (Streaming): Mar 25, 2021
Genre: Drama
Box Office (Gross USA): $2.1M
Release Date (Theaters): Feb 26, 2021 limited
People also ask
Is The Father a depressing movie?
The Father might be the saddest film I've ever seen. With a heartbreaking powerhouse of a performance, Anthony Hopkins is at his absolute best. This puts you in the shoes of a man whose mind is deteriorating. I fully recommend that everyone see this movie.
What actually happens in The Father?
By the end of The Father, Anthony's (or rather, his daughter's) flat has reached the end of its several iterations and become an assisted living facility, where he is cared for by his nurse Catherine (Olivia Williams, credited as "The Woman") and her assistant Bill (Mark Gatiss, credited as "The Man").
Jun 19, 2022
Is The Father worth watching?
The Father is an exquisite balance of the intellectual and the emotional. Zeller's inventive structure is a shrewd calculation, a fresh angle on a familiar story. (Does it feel “stagey,” like other play-to-film adaptations? Somewhat, but not nearly as much as others.)
Mar 26, 2021
What is the story of The Father?
A man refuses all assistance from his daughter as he ages. As he tries to make sense of his changing circumstances, he begins to doubt his loved ones, his own mind and even the fabric of his reality.
The Father / Film synopsis
Sep 7, 2021 · I first met Florian Zeller about eight years ago. It was in the foyer of the Théâtre Hébertot in Paris, where I had just watched his play The Father, ...
Oct 11, 2021 · Anthony Hopkins is coming back to the big screen following his Oscar-winning turn in Florian Zeller's 2020 drama, "The Father."
Aug 26, 2021 · The Father movie review: Anthony Hopkins' astonishing performance anchors Florian Zellner's heartbreaking drama. | Hollywood.
Oct 28, 2021 · As he ages, a man refuses help from his daughter and begins to doubt his loved ones, his own mind and even the fabric of his reality.
Oct 11, 2021 · Anthony Hopkins and newcomer Zen McGrath have joined the cast of 'The Son,' Florian Zeller's follow-up to the Oscar-winning 'The Father.'
Feb 26, 2022 · 'The Father' is an incredibly moving film that leaves you as confused in time and place as the main character (an incredible Hopkins), allowing the audience ...
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Nov 4, 2021 · The Father - Behind The Scenes/Making Of. 10,236 views10K views. Nov 4, 2021. 127. Dislike ...
Duration: 8:33
Posted: Nov 4, 2021
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Sep 7, 2021 · Kendrick Brothers' Show Me The Father is the first documentary film from the creators of War ...
Duration: 2:29
Posted: Sep 7, 2021