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22 hours ago · Actor Jay Lycurgo, who portrays Tim Drake in Titans, says he kept his upcoming role in Matt Reeves' The Batman secret from his co-stars.
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What did joker do to Tim Drake?
Life as Joker Jr. As part of his final joke, Joker molded Drake into a crude miniature version of himself and planned on having Drake deliver the killing blow to Batman. However, Joker didn't completely succeed.
Why did Tim Drake stop being Robin?
7 Quit Being Robin After getting into several disagreements with Batman, Tim eventually quit being Robin altogether. For a while, he was just like any other Gotham kid, going to school and hanging out with friends in his free time.
Is Tim Drake dead?
While Tim manages to take down the first wave of drones, he is apparently killed by the second wave, devastating the Bat-family and his former Teen Titans teammates.
Who does Tim Drake love?
Stephanie Brown is the love interest of Tim Drake, the third Robin, the third Batman and later, Red Robin from the Batman comics.
22 hours ago · Titans' Tim Drake actor Jay Lycurgo discusses the Robin's sexuality in the comics and his thoughts on bringing this to the HBO Max series.
4 days ago · Since 1989, Tim Drake has been hugely popular with DC fans. You're the first actor to portray him in live action. How does that feel?
Longtime Robin Tim Drake realized he had romantic feelings for his male friend and their story continues in December.Posted: 6 days ago
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