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19 hours ago · A new leak from Reddit claims that Robert Pattinson stormed off the set of The Batman because of director Matt Reeves.
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The Batman Brasil
Twitter › Thebatmanbrazil
Media posted by The Batman Brasil
As referências 🔥 #DCTitans #redhood
3 hours ago ✓
Twitter › ComicBook
Media posted by
Zack Snyder has weighed in on the Batman/Catwoman sex controversy with a NSFW image.…
25 minutes ago
Shannon ✓
Twitter › ShannonZKiller
Just saying, if ever there was a super hero mask made perfectly for doing 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵, it’s Batman’s.
28 minutes ago
ten/o ✓
Twitter › tenomedia
Starting Batman: Arkham Asylum, @TheNameIsMYK is streaming for ten/o #GameClub! Catch his stream now!:…
33 minutes ago
ShopTo ✓
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SALE: £9.85 LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham (PlayStation Hits) #PS4: The best-selling LEGO Batman videogame franchise returns in an out-of-this-world, action-packed adventure! In LEGO Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham, the Caped Crusader joins forces with the super…
1 hour ago
Pop Crave
Twitter › PopCrave
Media posted by Pop Crave
Zack Snyder responds to DC removing scene of Batman giving Catwoman oral sex in HBO Max’s 'Harley Quinn' animated series because "Heroes don’t do that."
1 hour ago
Reilly Brown ✓
Twitter › Reilly_Brown
I just realized that this week Harley Quinn managed to humiliate Batman worse than Joker ever did. Well played, you crazy clown enthusiast!
1 hour ago
Comic Book Resources ✓
Twitter › CBR
Media posted by Comic Book Resources
Zack Snyder weighs in on the Batman and Catwoman oral sex debate with an NSFW illustration.
2 hours ago
Kyle T Webster ✓
Twitter › kyletwebster
Watch how fast Ryan Benjamin sketches a great Batman head in the opening of this video:
2 hours ago
Josh Spiegel ✓
Twitter › mousterpiece
Has the director of Army of the Dead weighed in on the Batman/Catwoman story yet?
2 hours ago
Kahlief “Shaded Internationally” Adams ✓
Twitter › Kahjahkins
Media posted by Kahlief “Shaded Internationally” Adams
My favorite Batman shirt #BatmanGoesDown
2 hours ago
tsar becket adams ✓
Twitter › BecketAdams
twitter is split evenly between people who are like "reject modernity" and people who are like "batman would absolutely do that to catwoman." there is no in-between.
2 hours ago
Downtown Brandi Frown 😾 ✓
Twitter › ItsTheBrandi
Batman has sex with his boots on and I don't like the message that sends about sex and heroes.
2 hours ago
ET Canada ✓
Twitter › ETCanada
.@valkilmer drops the mic addressing the scrapped oral sex scene between #Batman & #Catwoman in animated @dcharleyquinn…
2 hours ago
James Whitbrook ✓
Twitter › Jwhitbrook
this week has been so long we've reached "Zack Snyder's posting pictures of Batman eating out Catwoman" and it feels like that news cycle was last month
2 hours ago
Kirsten ✓
Twitter › KirstenAcuna
Zack Snyder has entered the Batman/Catwoman discourse. Not disappointed.
2 hours ago
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Superman & Batman: Generations Batman survives this process, subsequently becoming immortal (Although he is not a true immortal, as he ages one year for every century).
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