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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Robert Richardson
Edited by
Fred Raskin
Production companies
Columbia Pictures Bona Film Group Heyday Films Visiona Romantica
Distributed by
Sony Pictures Releasing
There has been no greater source of speculation about Tarantino's next movie than the man himself. ... Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino on the set of “Kill Bill.
Posted: 2 days ago
2 days ago · Director Quentin Tarantino says he's open to his next film being Kill Bill 3, as fans continue to speculate about the return of Uma Thurman's Bride.
2 days ago · It's been two years since Quentin Tarantino released his last film, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. Known for going through a long creative process and ...
In a new interview, director Quentin Tarantino weighs the likelihood of his making 'Kill Bill Vol 3' and reveals the plot of a new comedy he's writing.
Duration: 3:00
Posted: 2 days ago
1 day ago · Quentin Tarantino Is Open To Having 'Kill Bill 3' as His Next Film: The filmmaker previously shared that he has ideas for Beatrix Kiddo and Bebe.
2 days ago · Quentin Tarantino discussed his career and what could be next during a Rome Film Festival event.
2 days ago · What Would a Tarantino Comedy Look Like? Quentin Tarantino Pulp Fiction Miramax. Tarantino went on to set the scene for his possible upcoming comedy ...