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6 days ago · Michael Caine, who memorably played Alfred Pennyworth in the Dark Knight trilogy among tons of other roles clarifies retirement comments.
3 days ago · Michael Caine isn't done with his career, but his health and a certain virus have slowed down his acting ... Source: Batman Begins (2005), Warner Bros.
3 days ago · Alfred Pennyworth's dire warning to Pattinson's Batman reflects how Caine's concerns go noticed yet ... Michael Caine as Alfred in The Dark Knight Rises.
4 days ago · Alfred Pennyworth's (Andy Serkis) admonition to Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) in The Batman follows Alfred's (Michael Caine) failed attempts to persuade ...
5 days ago · Andy Serkis' Alfred's dire warning to Robert Pattinson's The Batman echoes how Michael Caine's butler's concerns go unheeded in The Dark Knight Rises.
3 days ago · Contrary to reports, Oscar-winning actor Michael Caine is not retiring from ... Caine has appeared in all of Nolan's films since “Batman Begins,” even ...
7 days ago · Sir Michael Caine referred to the part he plays in his latest movie Best ... good luck charm for Nolan since starring as Alfred Pennyworth in Batman Begins.
1 day ago · ... and Ken Watanabe in Batman Begins (2005); Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan in The Dark Knight (2008); Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Christopher ...
The actor has played a part in all films of the filmmaker's ventures since Batman Begins. Apart from the last one Tenet, he even had a voice cameo in the movie ...
Posted: 7 days ago