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7 days ago · The Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement also emphasized on Iran: Iran defends the Palestinian cause and considers Israel an enemy, and this position ...
5 days ago · The Palestinian Authority drew sharp criticism for its crackdown on Hamas and other faction members, which it stepped up recently.
3 days ago · Hezbollah is a Lebanese Shia Islamist political party and militant group, led by its ... Whether the Islamic Jihad Organization (IJO) was a nom de guerre used by ...
21 hours ago · Jihad is an Arabic word which literally means "striving" or "struggling", especially with a praiseworthy aim. In an Islamic context, it can refer to almost ...
7 days ago · The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine said the reception of the Israeli occupation Security Minister Benny Gantz in Morocco is considered a stab in the ...
6 days ago · Israeli Occupation Forces arrest 3 young men from Bayt Lahm; the Islamic Jihad movement calls on the Palestinian Authority to stop pursuing released ...
7 days ago · Islamic Jihad warns Israel that Tel Aviv will be bombarded if the occupying regime assassinates members of the Palestinian resistance movement.
People also ask
What is the concept of jihad in Islam?
The literal meaning of Jihad is struggle or effort, and it means much more than holy war. Muslims use the word Jihad to describe three different kinds of struggle: Holy war: the struggle to defend Islam, with force if necessary. ...
Aug 3, 2009
What are the four types of jihad?
But what does the term jihad mean? According to Malik b. Anas there are four types of jihad: jihad with one's heart (bil-qalb), with one's tongue (bil-lisan), with one's hand (bil-yad), and with a sword (bil-sayf).
What is the reason for jihad?
Classical. The primary aim of jihad as warfare is not the conversion of non-Muslims to Islam by force, but rather the expansion and defense of the Islamic state. In theory, jihad was to continue until "all mankind either embraced Islam or submitted to the authority of the Muslim state."
20 hours ago
What is the importance of jihad in Islam?
The importance of jihad is rooted in the Quran's command to “struggle or exert” (the literal meaning of the word jihad) oneself in the path of God. The Quranic teachings have been of essential significance to Muslim self- understanding, piety, mobilization, expansion and defense.
3 days ago · The statement considered that this move reflects the Islamic Republic stance, which supports the just cause of the Palestinian people, and reiterates Iran's ...
7 days ago · The Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine strongly condemned Australia's decision to designate Hezbollah a “terrorist organization”. The movement said in a ...
4 days ago · "The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine: A Wild Card in Palestinian Politics?." In From Terrorism to Politics , pp. 111-132. Routledge, 2016. 12 Navarro, ...

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