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What is Cillian Murphy gender?
Cillian Murphy
Date of birth
May 25, 1976 (age 46)
Place of birth
Edward Dillinger Jr.
What accent does Cillian Murphy have?
Tommy Shelby, Cillian Murphy The actor, famous for his roles in Inception and 28 Days Later was born in Douglas, an Irish suburb in Cork, but he masterfully manages to switch his Irish accent into Tommy Shelby's Birmingham lilt.
Mar 31, 2022
What is the religion of Cillian Murphy?
Murphy was raised Roman Catholic and had been verging on agnosticism until researching his role as a physicist and astronaut in the 2007 film Sunshine, which confirmed his atheism. In 2019, he stated that the Catholic faith still shaped his morality.
How much does Cillian Murphy cost?
6 days ago · In "Peaky Blinders," Irish actor Cillian Murphy portrays the patriarch of a gangster family dedicated to making their crime business legitimate.
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6 days ago · Though Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) is not the oldest in the family, he is definitely the most intimidating. Fans know Tommy as being cold, calculating, ...
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1 day ago · ... of the production between crime boss Tommy Shelby and undercover spy Grace Burgess, portrayed on television by Cillian Murphy and Annabelle Wallis.
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