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7 days ago · The meaning of counterpart is someone or something that has the same job or purpose as another. How to use counterpart in a sentence.
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What does it mean when someone says counterpart?
: a person or thing that is very like or equivalent to another person or thing. counterpart. noun.
6 days ago
What is the synonym of counterpart?
equivalent, opposite number, peer, equal, parallel, complement, match, twin, mate, fellow, brother, sister, analogue, correlative. copy, duplicate. rare compeer, coequal.
What is a man's counterpart?
A counterpart is generally an equal or equivalent. The German counterpart to Shinzo Abe is Angela Merkel. The male counterpart to a cow is a bull.
Feb 8, 2017
How do you use the word counterpart?

Counterpart in a Sentence 🔉

The president met with his Canadian counterpart to talk about a trade treaty.
In the United States, the average individual uses four times as much water as his counterpart in India.
My counterpart in New York manages his office staff in the same manner that I supervise my employees.
3 days ago · a person or thing that has the same position or function as somebody/something else in a different place or situation. The Foreign Minister held talks with ...
3 days ago · a person or thing that has the same position or purpose as another person or thing in a different place or organization: The president will meet with his ...
Someone's or something's counterpart is another person or thing that has a similar function or position in a different place. The female reporters were paid ...
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Posted: Nov 14, 2021
Nov 8, 2021 · The best 41 synonyms for counterpart, including: analogue, analog, correlative, equivalent, equal, complement, match, carbon, copy, correlate, ...
19 hours ago · French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin told his UK counterpart Priti Patel on Friday that he had cancelled her invitation to a meeting this weekend after ...
Nov 8, 2021 · Counterpart. Computer Software. London, England 911 followers. Providing a Work Management Platform to optimise operations, improve efficiency and save money.
Nov 1, 2021 · Counterpart connects, supports & informs women with breast or gynaecological cancers to live well. Women supporting women with cancer.
8 hours ago · — Dutchess County Republican Elections Erik Haight wants his Democratic counterpart charged with a felony and an attorney barred from practicing election law ...
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18 hours ago · French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has canceled a meeting with his UK counterpart Priti ...
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