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Rating (3,561)
Piranha/anaconda hybrid creatures hunt down the scientist who stole their egg, as well as a film crew making a slasher film in the jungle.
Full Cast & Crew · Parents Guide · Filming Locations (2) · User Reviews (25)
Piranhaconda is an American science fiction B-movie, premiered on June 16, 2012, on the Syfy Channel. ... It is directed by Jim Wynorski, produced by Forest King, ...
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May 8, 2012 · piranhaconda trailer. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback ...
Duration: 1:26
Posted: May 8, 2012
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May 8, 2012 · Part fish! Part snake! All killer! In B-movie icon Roger Corman's latest, a hybrid creature - half ...
Duration: 1:26
Posted: May 8, 2012
After a deranged scientist steals the egg of a hybrid animal, members of a film crew run from the creature before the people become its dinner. Rating:.
Mar 25, 2011 · Here's a shot of the model for Syfy's latest mad science hybrid creature: Piranhaconda! Half piranha, half anaconda. Yes, one is a fish, ...
Jun 20, 2012 · Popatopolous's Wickwire's Henry's Blueberry's Wynorski's latest project boasts another killer title: “Piranhaconda,” a SyFy Channel movie ...
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Jul 31, 2018 · Part Snake! Part Fish! All Killer!
Duration: 1:25:03
Posted: Jul 31, 2018
The Piranhaconda is a genetic hybrid between a piranha and an anaconda, presumably the red-bellied piranha and the green anaconda.
Rating (129)
When a rogue scientist discovers an immense egg in the dark recesses of a rainforest he thinks he's stumbled across his fame and fortune. But little does he ...