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"Batman: Death of the Family" is a 23-issue comic book story arc first published by DC Comics in 2012 featuring the fictional superhero Batman and his ...
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What happens in death of the family?
Death of the Family finds the Joker returning to Gotham City after a long absence and attacking Batman's allies in an attempt to reinvigorate his rival. The Joker's implicit homosexuality and his villainy wind together throughout the story, and Batman's caped crusade reads something like a battle with gay panic.
Feb 12, 2014
Is Joker death of the family a sequel?
"Death of the Family" was followed in 2014 by "Endgame", in which the Joker returns to wreak vengeance on Batman for rejecting their relationship. Snyder described it as the concluding chapter of his Joker story.
Why did the Joker cut off his face?
Origins. When the Joker became obsessing over destroying the Bat-Family, he decided to arrange for his face to be surgically removed. According to the Joker, he did this to symbolize how even without his, "Mask" he was still the joker where-as Batman's Robins and Bat-Girls' identities were only mask-deep.
How many death of the family comics are there?
Death of the Family Arc Death of the Family was the second Bat family crossover storyline in the New 52! in the Bat-Family series of books and concern the Batman, Batgirl, Batman & Robin, Suicide Squad, Catwoman, Detective Comics, Nightwing, Teen Titans and Red Hood and the Outlaws spanning 23 issues in total.
Rating (2,279)
A #1 New York Times bestseller! One year ago, the Joker limped off the streets of Gotham, mutilated and scarred when someone had taken the pale white skin ...
Rating (706)
Joker: Death of the Family is a 450-page behemoth of a mediocre cross-over event. Here's how it's basically structured: -Batman: Detective Comics #16 and #17: ...
The Joker returns to Gotham City after a year, appearing at GCPD Headquarters. He slaughters several cops and taunts Jim Gordon, then steals his own severed ...
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Apr 11, 2022 · Staring in October 2012, "Death of the Family" is second Batman crossover spinning out of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's relaunched Batman ...
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Batman: Death in the Family: Directed by Brandon Vietti. With Bruce Greenwood, Vincent Martella, John DiMaggio, Zehra Fazal. An anthology series of 5 DC ...
BATMAN: DEATH OF THE FAMILY SAGA (DC ESSENTIAL EDITION) ... After having his face sliced off one year ago, the Joker makes his horrifying return to Gotham City!
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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking “Batman, Volume 3: Death of the Family” as Want to Read:.
Feb 12, 2014 · Death of the Family, a collection of the team's recent Joker story arc, features a surprising blurb from the Huffington Post—“a book you ...