Veronica Sawyer

Fictional character
Veronica Sawyer is the main protagonist of the 1989 film "Heathers". She is part of the most popular clique in the Westerburg High school, the Heathers, and was tricked into killing the popular kids by the mysterious Jason Dean.
Broadway actress: Barrett Wilbert Weed
Movie: Heathers
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How did Veronica Sawyer die?
Fake Suicide After figuring out that J.D. intended to kill her, Veronica fakes her own suicide by tying a rope around her waist to support her weight and again around her neck to look like she hanged herself.
Is Veronica Sawyer a good person?
VERONICA SAWYER: If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn't be a human being. ... For her smart and compassionate aura, her growing trust in listening to her conscience, and her desire to become comfortable in her own skin, Veronica Sawyer is a GREAT CHARACTER in the fraternity of high school protagonists.
Who is Veronica Sawyer's love interest?
268). The story focuses on Veronica Sawyer, a girl who halfheartedly tries to be part of the “in crowd” of her PLAGIAT MERUPAKAN TINDAKAN TIDAK TERPUJI Page 17 3 school. Later in the film she meets a rebel, Jason Dean/J.D. who later becomes her boyfriend.
What personality type is Veronica Sawyer?
Veronica Sawyer (Heathers): INFP. Dominant Introverted Feeling [Fi]: What Veronica wants more than anything is to be free of Heather. She doesn't like being part of her mean tricks or participating in her bullying.
Veronica Sawyer is the female protagonist of the cult classic film Heathers. Veronica is part of the most popular clique in her high school known as The ...
Betty Finn · Martha Dunnstock · Jason "JD" Dean · The Heathers

Age: 17
Friends: Betty Finn; Martha Dunnstock; Heather McNamara; J.D. (ex-boyfriend); Heather Chandler (formerly); Heather Duke (form...
Signature Color: Blue
Actor: Winona Ryder
Veronica Sawyer is the main character of Heathers the Musical. She is a senior at Westerburg High School and is the best friend of Martha Dunnstock and ...

Off-Broadway: Barrett Wilbert Weed
Age: 17
West End: Carrie Hope Fletcher
Friends: Martha Dunnstock; Heather McNamara
intellectual, angry, and snarky. A tortured and lost soul, Veronica is struggling to find where she fits into a world that seems so fake to her. Although her ...
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In Westerburg High School in Sherwood, Ohio, Veronica Sawyer is part of a popular but feared clique, along with three other wealthy and beautiful girls with ...
Veronica Sawyer : Suicide gave Heather depth, Kurt a soul, and Ram a brain. I don't know what it's given me, but I have no control over myself when I'm with ...
Veronica Sawyer and Heather Chandler. Who would've thought? --- There is not any smut in this. I do not own Heathers or Heathers the Musical. This book is ...
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