Episodes. The Spy. Limited Series. Release year: 2019 ... Eli Cohen goes deep undercover inside Syria on a perilous, years-long mission to spy for Mossad.
Duration: 2:11
Posted: Sep 6, 2019
The six-episode miniseries, released on September 6, 2019, on Netflix, was inspired by real-life events. It is based on the book L'espion qui†...

No. of episodes: 6 (list of episodes)
Based on: L'espion qui venait d'IsraŽl; by: Uri Dan; Yeshayahu Ben Porat
Original release: September 6, 2019
Original network: OCS (France); Netflix (international)
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How many episodes is The Spy?
The Spy / Number of episodes
Will there be Season 2 of The Spy?
However, as of yet, Netflix hasn't renewed The Spy for another series. It has also been labelled as a limited series, which, again, doesn't look good for any future seasons. has contacted Netflix for comment regarding season two of The Spy.
How old is Nadia Cohen?
Nadia Cohen, 84, said she was hurt by parts of the mini-series “The Spy” because they bore no relation to the truth, although she hopes the dramatisation might help in recovering her late husband's remains from Syria.
Has Netflix removed spy?
Netflix removes spy drama episodes after Philippines' complaint over China map. ... MANILA — Netflix Inc has removed two episodes of spy drama "Pine Gap" from its streaming service in the Philippines, after the Southeast Asian country rejected scenes involving a map used by China to assert its claims to the South China Sea ...
Rating (38,313)
The Spy: Created by Gideon Raff. With Sacha Baron Cohen, Hadar Ratzon Rotem, Yael Eitan, Noah Emmerich. Based on the life of Israeli spy Eli Cohen.

First episode date: September 6, 2019
Episode Guide ∑ 1. The Immigrant 7.3 6 Sep. 2019 ∑ 2. What's New, Buenos Aires? 7.3 6 Sep. 2019 ∑ 3. Alone in Damascus 7.5 6 Sep. 2019 ∑ 4. The Odd Couples 7.6 6†...
Rating (43)
This drama tells the astonishing true story of Israel's most prominent spy, Eli Cohen, who infiltrated the ... 2019, Netflix, 6 episodes, View details†...

Series Info: This drama tells the astonishing true story of Israel's most prominent spy, Eli Cohen, who infiltrated the Syrian govern...
TV Network: Netflix
Premiere Date: Sep 6, 2019
Rating (43)
Though at times stodgy, The Spy's exploration of a real-life hero remains engaging thanks to a moving ... Episodes. 1. The Immigrant. Air date: Sep 6, 2019.

First episode date: Sep 6, 2019
The opening episode, or perhaps just the first scene, is all you need to understand the craft, trajectory, and purpose of Gideon Raff's new†...
Posted: Sep 6, 2019
Sep 5, 2019With only six episodes, The Spy is a particularly quick and riveting story, and all the more impressive given the reality of most of the events†...
Episodes. Season One. The Immigrant; What's New, Buenos Aires? Alone in Damascus; The Odd Couples; Fish Gotta Swim; Home.
Includes an episode list, cast and character list, character guides, gallery, and more. ... The Spy tells the story of legendary Israeli spy Eli Cohen.

Episodes ordered: 6 episodes
Show Type: Scripted
Web channel: Netflix (2019 - 2019)