The New Mutants

PG-13 · 2020 ‧ Horror/Fantasy ‧ 1h 34m
5.3/10 · IMDb 36% · Rotten Tomatoes 4.2/5 · Facebook
Five teenage mutants -- Mirage, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Sunspot and Magik -- undergo treatments at a secret institution that will cure them of their dangerous powers. Invited by Dr. Cecilia Reyes to share their stories, their memories soon turn...
Initial release: August 26, 2020
Director: Josh Boone
Produced by: Karen Rosenfelt; Lauren Shuler Donner; Simon Kinberg
Production companies: 20th Century Studios; Marvel Entertainment; Genre Films; Sunswept Entertainment
Box office: $47 million
Based on: New Mutants; by: Chris Claremont; Bob McLeod
People also ask
Why is New Mutants so bad?
Most of the movie's negative reviews focus on its tortured production process, with critics claiming The New Mutants suffers due to these re-cuts, reshoots, and delays. One detail that most of The New Mutants' negative reviews appear to agree on is that the film fails to find a fitting tone and stick to it.
Is New Mutants after Logan?
In actuality, it turns out "New Mutants" likely takes place a few years before "Logan," well into the 2020s. However, since the film is pretty self-contained, you could still watch it right after "Apocalypse" or right before or after "Deadpool 2" and it would make sense.
Was The New Mutants good?
The New Mutants is far from perfect. It's far from the best X-Men film, but it's also far, far from the worst. And, because 2020 can't stop throwing curveballs at us, the film getting its widest release yet via VOD is actually the right move.
Will there be a new mutants 2?
All theoretical talk aside, Disney is unlikely to make New Mutants 2. With New Mutants only projected to open with $10 million at the U.S. box office, it will have to perform much better internationally just to break even.
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Jan 6, 2020 · In this terrifying, action-fueled film based on the MARVEL comic series, five young people who ...Duration: 2:22
Posted: Jan 6, 2020
The New Mutants is a 2020 American superhero horror film based on the Marvel Comics team of the same name and distributed by 20th Century Studios. Magik (Illyana Rasputina) · Danielle Moonstar · Blu Hunt · Wolfsbane (comics) Budget: $67–80 million Cinematography: Peter Deming Written by: Josh Boone; Knate Lee Release date: August 28, 2020 (United States)
Rating (67,167)
Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.
Aug 28, 2020 · In this terrifying, action-filled film based on the MARVEL comic series, five young people who demonstrate special powers are forced to ...
Rating (130)
...The New Mutants is a coming-of-age story in which the internal and biochemical struggles that plague us all are externalized into something grand and ... Release Date (Streaming): Oct 10, 2020 Release Date (Theaters): Aug 28, 2020 wide Box Office (Gross USA): $23.9M View the collection: X-Men
Aug 26, 2020 · Somehow, the X-Men spinoff The New Mutants has managed to sustain prerelease buzz ever since its first teaser trailer dropped all the way ...
Cast · Maisie Williams as Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane Chuck as Rahne's Wolf Form · Anya Taylor-Joy as Illyana Rasputin/Magik · Charlie Heaton as Sam Guthrie/ ... Release Date: August 28, 2020 Writer(s): Josh Boone; Knate Lee Director(s): Josh Boone
'The New Mutants' Review: Orphaned X-Men Spinoff an Off-Brand Remix of 1980s Teen and Horror Movie Clichés ... More than three years after it was ...Posted: Aug 28, 2020
Rating (235)
New Mutants. 71770 likes · 163 talking about this. The official account for #NewMutants. In theaters August 28, 2020.
Rating (57,324)
The New Mutants ... In this terrifying, action-filled film based on the MARVEL comic series, five young people who demonstrate special powers are forced to ...