Green Card

The Nanny: Season 3, Episode 24
Brighton's (Benjamin Salisbury) French tutor (Paolo Seganti) inspires Fran's (Fran Drescher) love and Maxwell's (Charles Shaughnessy) distrust. With Daniel Davis.
Show: The Nanny
Season number: 3
Episode number: 24
Air date: May 6, 1996
Rating (252)
Brighton's handsome French tutor proposes to Fran who finds out he is flirting with other women and needs a green card.Brighton's handsome French tutor ...
Full Cast & Crew · Paolo Seganti as Philippe · Fran Drescher as Fran Fine
[Fran realizes Philippe is a philanderer and shows him to the door]. Philippe : [at the threshold, on the outside looking at Fran inside] But chérie... je ...
Green Card is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 3 of The Nanny. It originally aired over CBS on May 6th, 1996. Advertisement. Plot.
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What was the French man saying on the nanny?
The Nanny (1993-1999) - (Man) "Je t'adore." (Nanny to little boy). "Well honey, I even understood that.
Why was the nanny Cancelled?
According to Inquisitr, it was the romance between Fran and Maxwell that brought an end to The Nanny. One of the dynamics that attracted viewers was the never-ending sexual tension between the two characters. The chemistry resonated with audiences, but the writers decided to change it.
Who played the French guy in the nanny?
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When Brighton fails French, Maxwell orders that a Private Tutor be hired for him. Fran selects Philippe, a handsome Frenchman, for the job and he proposes ...
3x25 Green Card. TV-PG ... Brighton is failing French in school so Mr. Sheffield hires a tutor for him. His tutor is incredibly good looking and attractive, and ...
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Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Green Card, Brighton's french tutor proposes to Fran....
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Mar 18, 2021 · Green Card is the twenty-fifth episode of the third season of The Nanny, and the seventy-third episode overall.
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