The Girl With The Red Lightning

The Flash: Season 5, Episode 21
Team Flash is on high alert after Cicada II threatens to unleash a dangerous virus that would put all meta-humans at risk.
Show: The Flash
Season number: 5
Episode number: 21
Air date: May 7, 2019
"The Girl With The Red Lightning" is the twenty-first episode of the fifth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-thirteenth episode overall.Duration: 3:36
Posted: Sep 16, 2021
Rating (1,748)
The Girl with the Red Lightning: Directed by Stefan Pleszczynski. With Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes. Team Flash is on ...
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Who is the female flash in flash?
Portrayed by
Barry Allen / The Flash
Grant Gustin
Iris West-Allen
Candice Patton
Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost / Frost
Danielle Panabaker
Who is the new girl in the Flash season 6?
The Flash Season 6 Episode 12: A Girl Named Sue Iris (Candice Patton) faces a new challenge while Barry (Grant Gustin) considers a potentially dangerous request from a trusted source.” read our review of “A Girl Named Sue” here.
Who is Barry Allen's girlfriend in Season 2?
Patty Spivot appears in season two of The Flash, portrayed by Shantel VanSanten.
We are just one episode away from the season finale of The Flash. The stakes are high as the team works to stop Cicada from implementing her plan to rid the ...
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May 2, 2019 ˇ Subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon to stay up to date. US Air Date: May 7, 2019 ...Duration: 0:34
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May 8, 2019 ˇ Summary: A perpetually tardy CSI, Barry Allen becomes the fastest man alive when a dark matter lighting storm strikes him. ... The Flash continues ...
May 8, 2019 ˇ But then when you think of everything that was crammed into “The Girl With the Red Lightning” it makes perfect sense why they wouldn't even have ...
The Flash -- "The Girl with The Red Lightning" -- Image Number: FLA521a_0092b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora, Hartley Sawyer as ...
Rating (3)
May 8, 2019 ˇ In “The Girl with the Red Lightning,” Barry and Iris finally seem to realize that Nora both has and deserves her own agency, and that constantly ...
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May 7, 2019 ˇ Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, The Girl With The Red Lightning, The team realize what Cicada ...Posted: May 7, 2019
'The Flash' Season 5, Episode 21 "The Girl With The Red Lightning": A Tale of Two Shows [SPOILER REVIEW]. Posted on May 8, 2019. by Joey Mills.