Shalana Hunter

Blac Chyna's mother
Born: 1972 (age 50 years), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Nationality: Dominican
Children: Blac Chyna
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Is Blac Chyna's mom Dominican?
Toni was born in 1972 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, she is 50 years old. She is most known as being the mother of Blac Chyna who is a model and media personality.
What is Tokyo Toni famous for?
Tokyo Toni aka Shalana Jones-Hunter is a social media personality and vlogger best known as Blac Chyna's mother. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Toni moved to the states and served in the military.
Where is shalana hunter from?
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Shalana Hunter / Place of birth
What does Tokyo Toni do for a living?
Shalana Hunter / Profession
Hello I am Ms.Tokyo Toni the owner of On My Grind Entertainment and Promotions. I am also Blac Chyna's mom!!! " Trust in yourself but believe in many".
I was the headliner of the show in Washington DC.. The mother of Black Chyna. A highly motivating woman who don't play with anyone not even The Kardashians.
Shalana Hunter is the mother of the woman known as Blac Chyna, but apart from taking pride and in some cases accepting her daughter's giving nature when it ...
Aug 17, 2022 · Tokyo Toni (Real Name: 'Shalana Hunter', born 12 October 1969, Age: 52 Years) is an American businesswoman, celebrity family member, ...
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Jun 12, 2022 · Blac Chyna took some time off with her mon Shalana Hunter to free her mind of the boxing ...
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Posted: Jun 12, 2022
Jul 20, 2022 · Shalana Hunter, commonly known as Tokyo Toni, is an entrepreneur who has a Dominican nationality. Besides being known as a businesswoman, ...
Apr 13, 2022 · Shalana Hunter, also known as Tokyo Toni, is a vlogger, internet personality, and the mother of Blac Chyna who has been married since 2012 ...
Jun 5, 2021 · Shalana Jones-Hunter, who was born on October 12, 1969, in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, served in the army and had ...
Shalana Hunter is Blac Chyna's mother. She was born in 1972, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Her Nationality is Dominican. Her Spouse name is Marcellus ...
Dec 1, 2020 · Meet Tokyo Toni, mother of newly engaged and newly pregnant Blac Chyna! The 44-year-old, whose real name is Shalana Jones-Hunter, ...