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Is Scenes from a Marriage real?
Yes, these are the kind of performances that win statues, but on their own they feel like tributes to real people all over the world, not Actors Acting. When Scenes from a Marriage cuts to life on set, it's a reminder that these are, in fact, Actors Acting, a disservice to their hard work as well.
Oct 13, 2021
Does Mira cheat in Scenes from a Marriage?
Considering how much pain he went through when finding out that Mira was cheating on him with Poli, it feels out of character that he would risk hurting someone else in the same manner he was hurt, having already gone through it and knowing the consequence.
Do they stay together in Scenes from a Marriage?
By the last episode of "Scenes from a Marriage," the couple is divorced: Jonathan is at his dad's funeral at the episode's start, and Mira tells her new beau Poli (Michael Aloni) that she can't go out because she has to watch her daughter.
Why is Scenes from a Marriage filmed like that?
So that was the main decision in this version … I wanted to create a different type of woman and a different type of man.” Levi insists his “Scenes From a Marriage” is a “remake,” not “inspired by” or “loosely based on,” but a true remake of Bergman's work.
Scenes from a Marriage is an American drama television miniseries developed, written and directed by Hagai Levi produced for HBO and starring Oscar Isaac ...
Starring: Oscar Isaac; Jessica Chastain
No. of episodes: 5
Original release: September 12 –; October 10, 2021
Based on: Scenes from a Marriage; by Ingmar Bergman
Rating (19,742)
Top cast ; Jessica Chastain · Mira ; Oscar Isaac · Jonathan ; Sophia Kopera · Ava ; Nicole Beharie · Kate ; Corey Stoll · Peter ...
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Posted: Oct 11, 2021