Sadie Marks

Fictional character
Played by: Isaiah Stannard
TV show: Good Girls
Isaiah Stannard plays Sadie Marks on NBC's new drama "Good Girls." Stannard most recently appeared in the feature film "Brad's Status" with Ben Stiller and ...
Ben Marks (born Sadie Marks) is the son of Gregg and Annie Marks. He is also the older paternal half-brother of Dakota. Ben was born when his parents Gregg ... Isaiah Stannard · Dakota · Thelma and Louise First: "Pilot" Family: Annie Marks (Mother)Gregg (Father)Nancy (Stepmother)Dakota (Paternal Half-Brother)Beth Boland (Aunt)Dean Boland ...
Sadie Marks is a character from Good Girls. He is actually a transgender girl trapped in a boy's body. More Information. Top Contributors. Cabutchikas.
Sadie Marks serves as the Global Programs Coordinator for the U.S. Grains Council, a non-profit organization that promotes the use of U.S. barley, corn, ...
Good Girls Ben Marks / Sadie Marks (2018-2021). Brad's Status Tween One (2017). Party Dress Harper Klein (2017). Known For.
So Sadie was a transgender female to male and is now a male and referred to using all pronouns and the decided upon name which paralleled the actor in real life ...
GOOD GIRLS • Annie Marks & Sadie Marks Fangirl, Series Movies, 2000 Tv Shows ... GOOD GIRLS • Stan Hill & Sadie Marks Tv, Movie Tv, Fangirl, Series.
Yeah Annie you need to drop Noah, he's messing with your son now. #nbc good girls#annie marks#sadie marks. 14 notes.
Mary Livingstone (born Sadya Marcowitz, later known as Sadie Marks; June 23, 1905–June 30, 1983) was an American radio comedian and actress.