PJ Masks Shorts

2015 ‧ Superhero ‧ 5 seasons
5.5/10 · IMDb
Kids like superheroes, so what could be better for tykes than becoming superheroes themselves? That's what happens at night for young friends Connor, Amaya and Greg. When they put on their pyjamas and activate their animal amulets, they turn into...
Network: Disney Junior
Original release: September 18, 2015 –; present
Created by: Romuald Racioppo
Theme music composer: Eric Renwart; David Freedman
S05 E07 · Orticia Blooms; Orticia and the Pumpkins
Sep 24, 2021
S05 E06 · Tenny Weeny to the Rescue; Invisble Munki-Gu
Sep 17, 2021
S05 E05 · Octobella Strikes Again; Octobella on the Loose
Sep 10, 2021
S05 E04 · Baddie Bots; Newtons and the Animals
Sep 3, 2021
S05 E03 · Newton the Destructor; Luna Kazoomer
Aug 27, 2021
S05 E02 · Luna Goes Too Far; Owly Tricks
Aug 21, 2021
S05 E01 · Ninja Power Up; Ninja Power Up Part II
Aug 13, 2021
S04 E25 · Bubbles Of Badness; Bubbles Of Badness Part 2
Jun 25, 2021
S04 E24 · Pharaoh and the Ninjalinos; Pharaoh's Boomerangs
May 31, 2021
S04 E23 · Catboy's Cat; Mad With Moon Power
Mar 29, 2021
S04 E22 · The Mysterious Masks; Battle of the Fangs
Mar 22, 2021
S04 E21 · Pharaoh's Chariot; PJ Robot Malfunction
Mar 15, 2021
S04 E20 · Pharaoh Boy; By My Pharaoh Feathers
Mar 8, 2021
S04 E19 · Monkey Chatter; The Secret of Monkey Goodness
Feb 22, 2021
S04 E17 · Teeny Weeny Returns / Robo-Wolf
Jan 25, 2021
S04 E16 · Octobella's Garden; Sploshy Splash
Jan 11, 2021
S04 E15 · Magnet in the Moat; Motsuki Bugs Out
Dec 7, 2020
S04 E14 · Star Buddies; To the Moon and Back
Nov 30, 2020
S04 E13 · Octobella; Octo-Lizard
Nov 16, 2020
S04 E12 · Munkigu's Dragon; Gekko Loves Lionel
Nov 2, 2020
S04 E11 · Gekko vs. Armavillain; Super Super Cat Speed
Oct 19, 2020
S04 E10 · Missing Munki-Gu; Legend of the Wolfy Bone
Oct 5, 2020
S04 E09 · Munkigu; Munkigu in the City
Sep 14, 2020
S04 E08 · Missing Space Rock; Flying Factory Out of Control
Aug 31, 2020
S04 E07 · Romeo's Space Machine; Newton and the Ninjas
Aug 17, 2020
S04 E06 · Asteroid Accident; All About Asteroids
Aug 3, 2020
S04 E05 · Master Fang's Secret; Aerodylan
Jul 20, 2020
S04 E04 · PJ Party Mountain; Wolfies of the Pagoda
Jul 6, 2020
S04 E03 · Motsuki's Missing Sister; Not So Ninja
Jun 15, 2020
S04 E02 · Who Let the Moths In?; Commander Meow
May 29, 2020
S04 E01 · Heroes of the Sky
May 15, 2020
S03 E26 · Master of the Moat; PJ Robot vs. Romeo
Mar 13, 2020
S03 E25 · Big Sister Motsuki; PJ Party Crasher
Feb 7, 2020
S03 E24 · Gekko Everywhere; Gekko Takes Charge
Jan 24, 2020
S03 E23 · PJ Sky Pirates; The Disappearing Ninja
Jan 17, 2020
S03 E22 · Romeo's Melody; PJ Robot Takes Control
Jan 10, 2020
S03 E21 · PJ Masks Save Christmas
Dec 6, 2019
S03 E20 · Villian of the Sky; Protector of the Sky
Dec 6, 2019
S03 E19 · The Prank Wheelz; Where's the Wolfie Wheelz?
Nov 22, 2019
S03 E18 · Armadylan Action Hero; Super Muscles Show Off
Nov 15, 2019
S03 E17 · Wolfy Powers; Do the Gekko
Nov 8, 2019
S03 E16 · Take Romeo Off the Road; Mission: PJ Seeker
Oct 18, 2019
S03 E15 · Clash on Mystery Mountain; A Teeny Weeny Problem
Oct 11, 2019
S03 E14 · Wheels of a Hero; Moonwolfy
Sep 20, 2019
S03 E13 · Luna's Cosmic Tantrum; Motsuki the Best
Sep 6, 2019
S03 E12 · Moth on the Moon; Fly Me to the Moon
Aug 30, 2019
S03 E11 · The Splat Monster
Aug 2, 2019
S03 E10 · Arma-Leader; Owlette Slips Up
Jul 19, 2019
S03 E09 · Secret of the Pagoda; Storm of the Ninja
Jul 12, 2019
S03 E08 · Moon Prix; Pirates Ahoy!
Jul 5, 2019
S03 E06 · Lionel's Powers; Best Friends Forever
Jun 7, 2019
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People also ask
Did PJ Masks get Cancelled?
Is PJ Masks Owlette a girl?
Amaya, also known as Owlette, is the deuteragonist of Disney Junior show PJ Masks. She is the only female of the PJ Masks.
What does PJ Masks stand for?
PJ Masks (known as "PJs" for short) is the titular superhero team that fights crime at night to keep it from ruining people's days.
How did PJ Masks get their powers?
The PJ Masks get their new powers from a mysterious crystal statue, making this episode chronologically set before "Wacky Floats." The new powers are: Super Cat Stripes for Catboy. Super Owl Feathers for Owlette.
Enjoy full episodes of the PJ Masks: Catboy, Owlette and Gekko! ▻Subscribe for more PJ Masks videos: #Cartoons #LIVE #Superhero By ...
Three 6-year-old kids who live normal lives during the day become superheroes at night, fighting crime as a team known as PJ Masks.
Watch full episodes of PJ Masks online. Get behind-the-scenes and extras all on Disney Junior.
PJ Masks (French: Pyjamasques) is a computer-animated superhero children's television series produced by Frog Box, Entertainment One UK Limited, Walt Disney ... Original languages: French; English Voices of: Evan O'Donnell; Addison Holley; Benjamin Hum; Simon Pirso; Jacob Soley; Brianna Daguanno Based on: Les Pyjamasques; by Romuald Racioppo Production companies: Entertainment One; Frog Box Productions; TeamTO;
SAVE THE DAY, featuring the heroic trio from your favorite series: The PJ MASKS! Watch Catboy, Owlette and Gekko along with their new friend PJ Robot, as they ...
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Join Connor, Amaya and Greg on their superhero adventures as they save the daytime from baddies messing up the night. With the power of their animal amulets ...