My Little Pony: A New Generation

My Little Pony: A New Generation

PG ∑ 2021 ‧ Fantasy/Comedy ‧ 1h 31m
6.8/10 ∑ IMDb 92% ∑ Rotten Tomatoes
Friendship has been replaced by fear in Equestria. Sunny, an Earth pony, and Izzy, a unicorn, embark on an adventure that takes them to faraway lands and challenges them to make new friends as they strive to restore harmony to Equestria.
Initial release: September 22, 2021
Box office: 1.5†million USD (Russia and South Korea)
Production companies: Netflix, Entertainment One, Allspark, and more
Music composed by: Heitor Pereira
My Little Pony: A New Generation is a 2021 computer-animated fantasy comedy film directed by Robert Cullen and Josť Ucha, co-directed by Mark Fattibene with†...
Story by: Robert Cullen; Josť Luis Ucha; Tim Sullivan
Based on: My Little Pony; by Bonnie Zacherle
Release dates: September 24, 2021 (Worldwide exc. China); July 18, 2022 (Sing Along version)
Music by: Heitor Pereira (score); Alan Schmuckler (songs); Michael Mahler (songs)
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My Little Pony: A New Generation, also titled My Little Pony: Pony Tale, is a CGI computer-animated feature-length film based on the My Little Pony franchise and the introduction to its Generation 5. Originally scheduled to be released theatrically on September 24, 2021, it was released on that date on Netflix.
Sep 24, 2021
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Aug 12, 2021Once upon a time, ponies, pegasi and unicorns all lived in harmony, but those days are no more ...
Duration: 2:20
Posted: Aug 12, 2021
Rating (3,796)
After the time of the Mane 6, Sunny--a young Earth Pony--and her new Unicorn friend Izzy explore their world and strive to restore Harmony to Equestria.
My Little Pony: A New Generation. 2021 | PG | 1h 31m | Family Movies. Equestria's divided. But a bright-eyed hero believes Earth Ponies, Pegasi and Unicorns†...
Rating (12)
"My Little Pony: A New Generation" follows in the tradition of MLP: candy colors, poppy music, gentle humor, warm-hearted lessons about friendship, and selling†...
Genre: Kids & family, Comedy, Animation
Sound Mix: Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital
Release Date (Streaming): Sep 24, 2021
Sunny is curious, adventurous, and determined to make the world a better place. Earth Pony ∑ Earth Pony ; Hitch is dedicated to helping Everypony in Maretime Bay†...
Sep 24, 2021My Little Pony: A New Generation, also titled My Little Pony: Pony Tale, is a CGI computer-animated feature-length film based on the My†...
Release date(s): September 24, 2021 (Netflix); Additional releases
Song(s): Gonna Be My Day; I'm Lookin' Out For You; Danger, Danger; Glowin' Up; Fit Right In; It's Alright; Together
Studio: Hasbro Studios; Boulder Media; Allspark
Produced by: Cecil Kramer; Peter Lewis; Brian Goldner (executive producer); Stephen Davis (executive producer); Olivier Dumont ...
My Little Pony: A New Generation ; Directed by. Robert Cullen Josť Ucha Mark Fattibene (co-director) ; Produced by. Cecil Kramer Peter Lewis ; Music by. Alan†...
Air date: September 24, 2021
Music by: Alan Schmuckler (songs); Michael Mahler (songs); Heitor Pereira (score)
Written by: Gillian Berrow (screenplay); Robert Cullen (story); Tim Sullivan (story & screenplay); Josť Ucha (story)
Rating Review by Jennifer Green
Sep 4, 2022In MY LITTLE PONY: A NEW GENERATION, earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi live in fear of each other. But one earth pony has been raised†...