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Jul 15, 2012 · Music ; SONG. 강남스타일(Gangnam Style) ; ARTIST. PSY ; ALBUM. PSY SIX RULES Pt.1 ...
Duration: 4:13
Posted: Jul 15, 2012
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What type of music is Gangnam Style?
"Gangnam Style"
K-pop dance-pop EDM
YG Universal Republic School Boy
Park Jae-sang
What is the song Gangnam Style about?
Psy has described the song as a tribute to the ladies of the wealthy district. "Gangnam is a territory in Seoul, Korea. I describe it as noble at the daytime and going crazy at the night time. I compare ladies to the territory.
When did Gangnam Style hit 1 billion?
PSY. “Gangnam Style” hit the 1 billion views milestone in December 2012, 159 days after the video premiered on the platform. At the video's peak, it netted a notable 14.9 million views per day and still averages 900,000 views per day in 2022. To date, the video has 4.4 billion views and counting.
When did Gangnam Style hit 4 billion?
Gangnam Style by PSY surpassed 4.5 billion views on YouTube on August 4 at approximately 10:05 p.m. KST. Extending its own record as the most-watched Korean music video to date in March, PSY's Gangnam Style became the first Korean-language music video ever to reach the 4 billion milestone on YouTube.
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Oct 23, 2012 · PSY- Gangnam Style (Official Music Video). 131,180,130 views131M views. Oct 23, 2012.
Duration: 5:02
Posted: Oct 23, 2012
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Nov 30, 2021 · Music ; SONG. 강남스타일(Gangnam Style) ; ARTIST. PSY ; ALBUM. PSY SIX RULES Pt.1 ...
Duration: 3:40
Posted: Nov 30, 2021
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Oct 11, 2012 · 25,250,531 views Oct 11, 2012 PSY - Gangnam Style … ...more ...more. Music. SONG. 강 ...
Duration: 3:43
Posted: Oct 11, 2012
"Gangnam Style" (Korean: 강남스타일, IPA: [kaŋ.nam sɯ.tʰ]) is a K-pop song by South Korean rapper Psy, released on July 15, 2012, by YG ...
Producer(s): Park Jae-sang; Yoo Gun-hyung; Yang Hyun-suk
Released: July 15, 2012
Genre: K-pop; dance-pop; EDM;
Label: YG; Universal Republic; School Boy
The music video for "Gangnam Style" by South Korean rapper and singer Psy premiered on July 15, 2012 on the video-sharing website YouTube and was later made ...
Music by: Psy
Release dates: July 15, 2012; (premiere): October 19, 2012; (download)
Country: South Korea
Starring: Psy; Hwang Min-woo; Yoo Jae-suk; Noh Hong-chul; Hyuna
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Jul 15, 2022 · On July 15, 2012, music video history was forever changed as Psy's “Gangnam Style” video made its unforgettable debut on YouTube. Psy ...
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