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What is the meaning of Mouche?
Soul patch or Mouche, a small patch of hair just below the lower lip.
What is the English word for mooch?
A person in the habit of doing this is also called a mooch. The word's original definition, "pretend poverty," might stem from the Middle English word mucchen, "to be stingy," or literally, "to keep coins in one's nightcap."
Where can I watch Mouche?
Mouche (French for "fly") may refer to: Contents. 1 Fiction; 2 Music; 3 Places; 4 Vessels; 5 Other. Fiction[edit]. La Mouche (novel), a novel by George Langelaan  ...
fly (insect) · bullseye (center of a target) · (historical) a spy employed by the ancien régime to seek out subversive ideas · (Louisiana) bee. Synonym: mouche à miel. English · French
noun · 1A small black patch worn on the face as an ornament or to conceal a blemish. Now chiefly historical. · 2A natural mark on the face resembling such a patch; ...
mouche · 1. (= insecte) fly · 2. (Fencing) button · 3. (= ornement) [de taffetas] patch · 4. (locutions).
Jun 6, 2019 · Phoebe Waller-Bridge's French fans tuned into Canal+ (the France-only subscription channel) on Monday for the first season of Mouche, AKA ...
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Mouche: With Camille Cottin, Anne Dorval, Youssef Hajdi, Virgile M'Fouilou. French version of the Fleabag.
6 days ago · mouche translations: fly, fly, fly, housefly. Learn more in the Cambridge French- English Dictionary.
mouche: fly · Wiktionary: mouche → fly, soul patch, sole patch, mouche, bunch; mouche → housefly, fly ...
Insecte. mouche → fly; · Petite touffe de barbe sous la lèvre inférieure. mouche → soul patch; sole patch; mouche;.