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How do you use Milord in a sentence?

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He was cruel, this English milord , and he laughed so that he could not come to the aid of his servant. ...
The strike from the scythe had burned some strange runes onto milord Theo, which he told us gave him " a horrible feeling.
Who wrote Milord?
Georges Moustaki
Georges Moustaki with Edith Piaf in New York in 1958. Moustaki wrote the lyrics to "Milord," one of Piaf's biggest hits. Georges Moustaki, one of France's most beloved songwriters, died Thursday in Nice after a long illness. He was 79.
What was Edith Piaf worth when she died?
How tall is Edith Piaf?
4′ 10″
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Milord is a term for an Englishman, especially a noble, traveling in Continental Europe. The term was used in both French and English from the 16th century.
"Milord" (French pronunciation: [milɔʁ]) or "Ombre de la Rue" [ɔ̃bʁə də la ʁy] ("Shadow of the Street") is a 1959 song (lyrics by Georges Moustaki, ...
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Lyricist: Georges Moustaki
Milord definition is - an Englishman of noble or gentle birth. How to use milord in a sentence.
a man of high birth or social position. a city that was a favorite stop for English milords on the grand tour. Synonyms for milord.
From French milord, from English my Lord. Compare milady. NounEdit. milord (plural milords). (Britain, obsolete, ...
Milord definition, an English nobleman or gentleman (usually used as a term of address). See more.
English dictionary definition of MILORD along with additional meanings, example sentences, and different ways to say.
Milord definition: (formerly) a continental title used for an English gentleman | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.