Martial Arts Of Shaolin

R · 1974
6.9/10 · IMDb 3.4/5 · Letterboxd
Students at a temple learn martial arts techniques from masters and, after achieving good form, they face the best fighters in China.
Initial release: 1974
Director: Chang Cheh
Rating (389)
When the ruling dynasty in China sends soldiers to destroy the Shaolin Temple, students use their martial arts to defend the school.
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Jul 2, 2014 · Title: Shaolin Martial Arts 洪拳與詠春 Year: 1974 Director: Chang ...
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People also ask
What martial arts do Shaolin monks learn?
Shaolin Kung Fu is still practiced by the monks. In fact, they have become world famous entertainers, as their art is beautiful to watch. Interestingly, as the Shaolin style has morphed and taken on many different sub-styles, its hardcore self-defense core has lost out to the more showy styles, like Wushu.
Do Shaolin monks know martial arts?
Shaolin monks initially practiced martial arts as a way to defend themselves from intruders/bandits. They also use this as a part of their religious life in terms of gaining spiritual wisdom through physical training.
Is Shaolin a good martial art?
Shaolin Kungfu is the greatest martial art in the world because it has produced the largest number of generals and masters in history, has the most extensive techniques, skills and philosophy, enriches people's life and leads to spiritual fulfilment. Shaolin Kungfu is the greatest martial art in the world!
How many Shaolin martial arts are there?
Today, there are over 1,000 different sub-styles of Shaolin Kung Fu. Various schools of martial arts in other countries such as Japan also claim their origins can be traced back to the Shaolin style.
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