Lorna Colbert

Stephen Colbert's mother
Born: November 6, 1920, Larchmont, NY
Died: June 12, 2013
Spouse: James William Colbert, Jr. (m. 1944–1974)
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Who is Stephen Colbert mother?
Lorna Colbert
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What happened to Stephen Colbert parents?
On September 11, 1974, when Colbert was ten years old, his father and his two brothers nearest in age, Peter and Paul, died in the crash of Eastern Air Lines Flight 212 while it was attempting to land in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Who is Stephen Colbert's father?
James William Colbert, Jr.
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Who is Stephen Colbert wife?
Evelyn McGee-Colbert
Stephen Colbert / Wife
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Jun 14, 2013 · Lorna Colbert was the mother of 11 children, including the comedian and his sister, former congressional candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch.
Jun 14, 2013 · Lorna Elizabeth Tuck Colbert, the mother of The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert, died Wednesday, according to The Post and Courier.
Lorna Colbert was an adored wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. In addition to being the matriarch of a family of 82, Lorna Colbert ...
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Jun 14, 2013 · Lorna Elizabeth Tuck Colbert, mother of satirist Stephen Colbert, died on Wednesday at age 92. Her obituary in the Charleston Post notes ...