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Who is Frank Rossitano based on?
Friedlander has stated that Frank Rossitano is based on at least two writers with whom Tina Fey used to work at Saturday Night Live. His ever-changing, slogan-bearing trucker hats also became a running gag on the show.
Who is Pete Hornberger based on?
How many hats did Frank wear in 30 Rock?
Frank Rossitano is a lead writer on TGS with Tracy Jordan. His character appears in just about every episode of 30 Rock. He is wearing a trucker hat in every appearance he makes, which adds up to 198 hats! These hats are no ordinary trucker hats, and each one sports a different slogan or word.
Who plays Frank's mom on 30 Rock?
In January 2009, it was confirmed that singer Patti LuPone would play Frank's mother on 30 Rock, and in this 30 Rock episode, she played Sylvia Rossitano. LuPone later reprised the role in the May 6, 2010, episode "The Moms" for the show's fourth season.
This is a list of all of Frank's trucker hats. You can see photos of every hat at *Frank is wearing a blue and white trucker hat ...
Judah Friedlander (born March 16, 1969) is an American actor and comedian, known for playing the role of writer Frank Rossitano on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock.
Francis "Frank" Rossitano is a trucker hat-wearing, childish, sarcastic writer at TGS. After Liz Lemon, who is head writer and the protagonist of the series ...
Frank Rossitano. @FrankRossitano. This is Frank Rossitano's Official Twitter Page. New York, NY Joined April 2009.
Infobox character caption=Frank Rossitano wearing a Ninja Expert hat name = Frank Rossitano first = Pilot gender = Male age = 30s occupation = Staff writer ...
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Frank Rossitano : What did he call you? Liz Lemon : I'm not gonna repeat it. That's how much I hate it. Pete Hornberger : Fat can?
Aug 10, 2021 · "Dial-up Access" is indicative of Frank Rossitano reaching out to society. His hats are his form of communication. Like all clothes, they're an ...
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