Roach Coach

Fear Factor: Season 7, Episode 5
Locked in an underwater cage, they must eat a disgusting meal from the Fear Factor Roach Coach consisting of cockroaches, grasshoppers, blood salsa and maggots. Then, for dessert, they must leap back and forth from a moving station wagon onto a...
Air date: January 9, 2012
Rating (22)
Roach Coach ∑ Director. J. Rupert Thompson ∑ Stars. Antonella Barba ∑ Zuli Moreno.
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Fear Factor Season 7 Episode 5: Roach Coach Summary: Struggling to keep their wits about them, contestants in this episode have to endure being bound and†...
At the aptly named ‚€œFear Factor Food Truck,‚€ teammates are forced to eat a box lunch of live cockroaches and giant grasshoppers, accompanied by a side dish†...
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