Ex on the Beach

2014 ‧ Reality ‧ 4 seasons
4.9/10 · IMDb
Ten romantically embattled reality stars appear alongside everyday singles who show up for what they think is a run-of-the-mill love and dating show in paradise, only to be completely blindsided by their exes, with whom they come face-to-face.
Based on: Ex on the Beach
Original release: April 19, 2018 –; present
Genre: Reality; Dating show
S04 E14 · Peak of Love: Say Yes to the Next
Feb 27, 2020
S04 E13 · Liar, Liar, Chalet on Fire
Feb 20, 2020
S04 E11 · Adore-able Mess
Feb 6, 2020
S04 E10 · Don't Say Soulmate
Jan 30, 2020
S04 E08 · Episode 8
Jan 16, 2020
S04 E06 · The Bird Has Landed
Jan 2, 2020
S04 E05 · Boo Years Eve!
Dec 26, 2019
S04 E03 · Caught Red Velvet Handed
Dec 12, 2019
S04 E02 · Say Yes to the Next
Dec 5, 2019
S04 E01 · Welcome to the Peak
Dec 5, 2019
S03 E14 · The Final Crush
Oct 17, 2019
S03 E13 · Show Me the Receipts
Oct 10, 2019
S03 E12 · Two for One Deal
Oct 3, 2019
S03 E11 · Thruple Trouble
Sep 26, 2019
S03 E10 · Roses Are Red, Exes Make You Blue
Sep 19, 2019
S03 E09 · I Want It That Way
Sep 12, 2019
S03 E08 · Coffey Run
Sep 5, 2019
S03 E07 · Exes Haunt These Fields
Aug 29, 2019
S03 E06 · Episode 6
Aug 22, 2019
S03 E05 · Cam You Feel the Love Tonight
Aug 15, 2019
S03 E04 · Cam You Feel the Love Tonight
Aug 6, 2019
S03 E03 · I Put a Crush on You
Jul 30, 2019
S03 E02 · Serving Revenge
Jul 23, 2019
S03 E01 · Love, Next Love
Jul 16, 2019
S02 E16 · Reunion Part 2
Apr 4, 2019
S02 E15 · Reunion Part 1
Mar 28, 2019
S02 E14 · Ex, Lies, and Polygraph Tape
Mar 21, 2019
S02 E13 · Ex-Viction Notice
Mar 14, 2019
S02 E12 · Bad Bromance
Mar 7, 2019
S02 E11 · Ghost of Relationship's Past
Feb 28, 2019
S02 E10 · How to Keep a Man 101
Feb 21, 2019
S02 E09 · Un-Bear-Able
Feb 14, 2019
S02 E08 · Here Comes Trouble
Feb 7, 2019
S02 E07 · Revenge is Sweet
Jan 31, 2019
S02 E06 · Low Blows
Jan 24, 2019
S02 E05 · Jay Is For Jealous
Jan 17, 2019
S02 E04 · Worst Date Ever
Jan 10, 2019
S02 E03 · Simon Says
Jan 3, 2019
S02 E02 · Being Shady 101
Dec 27, 2018
S02 E01 · Paradise From Hell
Dec 20, 2018
S01 E15 · Episode 15
May 17, 2020
S01 E14 · Say Yes to the Next
Apr 15, 2020
S01 E13 · Liar, Liar, Chalet on Fire
Apr 8, 2020
S01 E12 · Breaking Winter Balls
Feb 13, 2020
S01 E11 · Adore-able Mess
Mar 25, 2020
S01 E11 · Can You Ever Get Over Your Ex?
Jun 28, 2018
S01 E10 · Don't Say Soulmate
Mar 18, 2020
S01 E09 · Mums the Word
Jan 23, 2020
S01 E08 · Ex-cuzzi
Mar 4, 2020
S01 E07 · SOS, Save Our Singles
Jan 9, 2020
S01 E06 · The Bird Has Landed
Feb 19, 2020
People also ask
Will there be an ex on the Beach 2021?
According to Fandom, Season 5 wrapped filming in August of 2021. Reportedly, the show began filming in July of 2021, following a two-week quarantine period for cast members. The setting this time around is Spain, according to the fans who have been conducting their own digging.
Did Ex on the Beach us get Cancelled?
MTV has cancelled series 10 of Ex On The Beach. The popular TV show which was due to air later in 2019 has been cancelled due to the death of Mike Thalassitis. ... “Last year, Mike took part in filming for the next series of Ex On The Beach, which was due to air on MTV later in the year.
Is anyone from ex on the beach together?
Exes Lexi and Max reconnected on season 3 of the MTV series and finished the season as a couple. They revealed during the October 2019 reunion special that they were going “strong” after opposition from Lexi's twin sister, Allie, all season.
Is there a season 10 of Ex on the Beach?
Series 10 (2019) The tenth series of Ex on the Beach was set to premiere in spring 2019, but the broadcast was cancelled after the death of Mike Thalassitis, a cast member featured on the series.
About Ex On The Beach. Romeo Miller hosts as reality star singles live together and try to form new love connections, all while being ambushed by their exes.
Ex on the Beach is an American reality television series, based on the British series of the same name. ... The series was announced on March 15, 2018 and ... Season 1 · Season 2 · Season 3 · List of Ex on the Beach ... Production companies: Entertainment One Television; Purveyors of Pop; Whizz Kid Entertainment Executive producers: Dan Caster; Keith Burke; Lily Neumeyer; Lisa Chapman; Malcolm Gerrie; Matt Anderson; Nate Green; Nina ... Picture format: 1080i (16:9 HDTV) Original network: MTV
Ex on the Beach is a British reality television series that is broadcast on MTV. The series was first announced in February 2014, and premiered on 22 April ... Series · Series 2 (2015) · Series 3 (2015) · Series 5 (2016) No. of series: 11 No. of episodes: 99 (list of episodes) Picture format: 16:9 1080i HDTV Original release: 22 April 2014 –; present
... MTV is hitting the shores of Hawaii with the greenlight of a new U.S. version of the global youth brand's international phenomenon “Ex On The Beach.
Rating (179)
Ten smoking hot celebrity singles think they are running away to a tropical island for a once in a lifetime romantic vacation of fun and sun.
Aug 31, 2021 · MTV's hit show "Ex on the Beach" has gained a following after four successful seasons. According to IMDb, the show is a spin-off of the ...
Rating (1,196)
Eight single guys and girls head to the beach looking for love. However one by one, their idea of a holiday romance will be ruined as their ex's turn up.
Rating (407)
Ex on the Beach is the American version of the British reality television show of the same name. single men and women enjoying a summer holiday in paradise ... Filming locations: Hawaii, USA
... but they cannot escape from their former partners. Rapper Romeo Miller returns to host Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love from the mountains of New Zealand. Studio: MTV Networks Released: 2019
Ten romantically embattled reality stars appear alongside everyday singles who show up for what they think is a run-of-the-mill love and dating show in paradise ...