Fictional character
Played by: Daniel DeSanto
Blaine is a WOOHP agent (formerly a freelance spy) and Clover's ex-boyfriend. He was introduced in the Season 5 episode "The Granny" as the captain of the ...
Blaine is a character introduced in Season 5 of Totally Spies!. He is the captain of the Mali-U volleyball team. His interests are similairs to Clovers and ...

Blaine: Video games Park attractions Portrayed by Portrayed by Animators Voice Performance model Designer Inspiration Honors ...
Personality: Cool, calm, he is a real gentlemen
Blaine is a super spy who also works for WHOOP. He used to date Clover but after a bad experience with Mandy he has remained Single for the time being.
Blaine is a Mali-U student introduced in the season 5 episode "The Granny" as the captain of the beach volleyball team. ... He is a freelance ...
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Who is Blaine in totally spies?
Blaine's voice actor Daniel DeSanto is known for voicing Ray on the "Beyblade" series and Carlos on the "The Magic School Bus". He appeared in "Operation Spy-Sitter" in "The Amazing Spiez".
Why did Clover and Blaine break up?
In "Evil Bouquets Are Sooo Passe", it was revealed he was Clover's ex boyfriend from two years ago. (During this episode.) They only split up due to him moving away and Clover quickly began crushing on him again, even being hurt when Sam started to date him.
Who is Sam's boyfriend in totally spies?
Kyle Katz. In "The Suavest Spy", Sam develops a crush on Kyle. Even becoming jealous when Clover dances with him.
What race is Britney from totally spies?
Britney is Japanese American and has bright dark blue hair down to her waist and violet eyes, and light tanned skin but less tanned than Alex. Britney has a similar physical build to the other three spies and seems to be an average build for a girl of her age. She also dons a blue catsuit.
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May 31, 2015 - Clover and Blaine in the later seasons (when Blaine's hair becomes weird.