Elaine Stritch

American actress
Elaine Stritch was an American actress, known for her work on Broadway. She made her professional stage debut in 1944 and appeared in numerous stage plays, musicals, feature films and television series. She was inducted into the American Theater... Wikipedia
Born: February 2, 1925, Detroit, MI
Died: July 17, 2014, Birmingham, MI
Height: 5′ 7″
Spouse: John Bay (m. 1973–1982)
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What 30 Rock episodes was Elaine Stritch in?
Stritch would later appear as Colleen in the episodes "Ludachristmas," which was part of season two; "Christmas Special" and "The Natural Order" in season three; "The Moms" in season four; "Christmas Attack Zone" in season five; "Meet the Woggels!" in season six; and "My Whole Life Is Thunder" in the show's seventh and ...
Is Elaine Stritch alive?
Deceased (1925–2014)
Elaine Stritch / Living or Deceased
Who played Colleen Donaghy?
Elaine Stritch
Colleen Donaghy / Played by
Are Billy Stritch and Elaine Stritch related?
When asked about the relationship between a music director and an artist, he referenced Rob Bowman's collaboration with Elaine Stritch (no relation) as shown in Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me.
Jul 17, 2014Elaine Stritch, who played Alec Baldwin's irascible onscreen mother Colleen Donaghy in nine episodes, died Thursday at the age of 89 in her home†...
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Jul 18, 2014Elaine Stritch had made a name for herself in many ways, but perhaps the most indelible recent ...Duration: 2:01
Posted: Jul 18, 2014
Elaine Stritch, Actress: 30 Rock. A brash, sharp-tongued, incorrigible actress/singer who led a six decade career that contained many highs and lows,†... Actress: Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Ruth (2014) Music Department: Two's Company (1975-1979) Height: 5' 7ľ" (1.71 m) Known For: 30 Rock Colleen Donaghy (2007-2012)
On April 26, 2007, she began guest appearances on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock as Colleen, the fearsome mother of Alec Baldwin's lead character, Jack Donaghy. Stritch†... Early lifeCareerPersonal lifeIn popular culture
The Tony-winning Broadway legend Elaine Stritch was a casting coup when she accepted the role of Colleen Donaghy, the domineering mother to†...
Celebrate the TV anniversary of the time Colleen Donaghy took that last horse-drawn carriage ride on '30 Rock.'Duration: 2:01
Posted: Dec 6, 2016
Jul 18, 2014Elaine Stritch is a Broadway legend, but her most recent role may be the most memorable to many. Stritch played Jack Donaghy's mother†...
Rewatching 30 Rock and realized that my favorite episodes were with Colleen Donaghy/Elaine Stritch. Give your fave Colleen quotes! ... Tell him his mothers here,†...
Elaine Stritch was a helluva broad. A long-time Broadway staple, Elaine Stritch died Thursday at the age of 89. She will be missed by many.Duration: 0:15
Posted: Jul 17, 2014
Jul 18, 2014Broadway actress and singer Elaine Stritch died yesterday at the age of 89. Alec Baldwin, who played Stritch's son on the NBC show "30 Rock"†...