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What are the new OMG dolls called?
Lils. The dolls debuted on July 7th 2019, with the first line (Series 1) featuring Royal Bee (big sister to Queen Bee), Neonlicious (big sister to Neon Q.T.), Swag (big sister to M.C. Swag), and Lady Diva (big sister to Diva).
How many series of OMG dolls are there?
How many LOL OMG dolls are there in total? More than 50 LOL OMG dolls have already been released. Each series of LOL OMG dolls has 4 dolls. Plus two collectible LOL Surprise OMG dolls for Christmas and LOL OMG dolls in Bigger Surprise sets.
What age is OMG dolls for?
Are LOL OMG dolls appropriate?
I love Dolls and think the LOL line is a very cool concept with innovative designs and fun, wacky accessories! However, the dolls are really not appropriate for anyone under say, 12 years old as they require a lot of manual dexterity to dress or undress them, open packages and apply accents and accessories.
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