Episode 9

Candid Camera: Season 1, Episode 9
Game contestants; hero guy; bicycle thief; dog tails.
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Jun 7, 2018 · Episode 9: Candid Cameras. 8,916 views Jun 7, 2018 In St. Paul MN in 2010, a plumber ...
Duration: 27:08
Posted: Jun 7, 2018
Episode dated 9 January 1966: With Durward Kirby, Allen Funt, Fannie Flagg. ... Episode aired Jan 9, 1966. YOUR RATING. Rate. Candid Camera (1960).
Episode dated 9 August 1964: With Durward Kirby, Allen Funt, Woody Allen. ... Episode aired Aug 9, 1964. YOUR RATING. Rate. Candid Camera (1960).
Summary: Shoppers in a supermarket sample taste-free food. A group of school children respond to the news that a new student has green skin.
Plane missing an engine; crooked game show host; dentist sells teeth jewelry; driveway tickets; food-tasting; golf routine.
Driveway parking tickets; rooming with strangers; a cashier reads barcodes.
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