Episode 5

Candid Camera: Season 1, Episode 5
Twins race; assembly line; English shoplifting; U.S. shoplifting; kid tycoon.
Air date: August 20, 2012
Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, #2102, In Colorado, a veterinarian fits pets for eyeglasses. Store customers are stunned to receive shrunken U.S. coins, ...
Carnie Wilson plays a nervous tattoo artist; New York restaurant-goers are served foam dishes; golfers are frustrated by balls in a tree.
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Salt Lake City zoo visitors are informed they've won a four-ton elephant; Connecticut motorists are halted while snails cross a road; customers are given ...
Episode dated 5 September 1965: With Durward Kirby, Allen Funt.
The official YouTube Channel for hilarious clips from Peter Funt's vast Candid Camera library. Please subscribe and check back often for new clips every ...
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... margarine commercial; Myerson Pie Kitchen. Watch Candid Camera: E5 on DIRECTV. ... Candid Camera. poster for Candid Camera ... Candid Camera. Episode 5.
Watch Candid Camera Season 1 Episode 5 - 102. Carnie Wilson (from the band Wilson Phillips) plays a comical nervous tattoo artist.
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How to watch Candid Camera Season 7 episode 5 #2118 on Kodi. ... In a twist on Candid Camera's hidden-camera tradition, tourists in California are fooled ...