Tell It Slant

Tell It Slant

Longmire: Season 2, Episode 6
A strange-acting Cheyenne leaves backward clues about the murder of a supposed psychic and Walt deals with a public debate against Branch.
Show: Longmire
Air date: July 1, 2013
Director: J. Michael Muro
Rating (904)
An Indian psychic is found dead after what appears to be a home reading session. An investigation of her records leads Walt and his deputies in numerous ...
After Aaron Two Rivers (Gary Farmer), a self-proclaimed Cheyenne contrary warrior, rides backwards on a horse past Walt's house with a cryptic message for ...
Episode: 6
Season: 2
Next: Sound and Fury
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Jul 2, 2013 · This episode's case—about the murder of a psychic—detracts from the potentially more interesting power dynamics between Branch, his dad (the ...
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Air Date: Jul 1, 2013
Tell It Slant ... A strange-acting Cheyenne tips off Walt to the murder of a supposed psychic. Longmire Season 2. View all.
Jul 1, 2013 · Summary: Contrary Warrior advises Walt about an alleged psychic's murder but it requires interpreting backward clues.
Tell It Slant ... Walt is tipped off to the murder of a supposed psychic by the Contrary Warrior, a Cheyenne who does the opposite of what people expect. While ...
Jul 3, 2013 · s02e06 - Tell It Slant Transcript. Previously on Longmire... Town Hall debate is just a week away. It's game time. I'm fine, Branch.