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in the dark

in a state of ignorance about something.
"we're clearly being kept in the dark about what's happening"
synonyms: unaware of, ignorant of, in ignorance of, oblivious to, uninformed about, unenlightened about, unacquainted with, unconversant with, nescient of

People also ask
Is in the dark an idiom?
Meaning of Idiom In the Dark: 1. To be uninformed or unknowledgeable about something or someone. 2. In secret, hidden.
What does its dark mean?
What does keep someone in the dark mean?
keep someone in the dark (about something) (=not tell someone about something because you want to keep it secret from them): You've kept us totally in the dark about what happened that night.
Is keep in the dark an idiom?
Idiom : To keep in the dark Usage : My brother kept me in the dark about this matter.
Jul 23, 2010
7 days ago · in the dark meaning: not informed about things that might be useful to know: ...
7 days ago · C2. to not know about something that other people know about. Unaware. be on another planet idiom.
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2 days ago · DARK meaning: 1 : having very little or no light; 2 : not light in color of a color that is closer to black than white.
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Past members: Malcolm Holmes; Dave Hughes; Nigel Ipinson; Michael Douglas; Graham Weir; Neil Weir; Phil Coxon; Abe Jukes
Members: Andy McCluskey; Paul Humphreys; Martin Cooper; Stuart Kershaw
Origin: Meols, Merseyside, England
Years active: 1978–1996; 2006–present
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6 days ago · Verb The coals glowed in the fireplace. The fireplace glowed with the dying coals. This toy glows in the dark.
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