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candid camera 1960s from
Mar 15, 2021 A quick look at some of Allen Funt's faves from the 1960s. SPECIAL OFFER: Order Peter's ...
Duration: 2:46
Posted: Mar 15, 2021
candid camera 1960s from
Sep 20, 2019 In the 1960s people used typewriters, but this one went wrong.SPECIAL OFFER: Order Peter's ...
Duration: 2:26
Posted: Sep 20, 2019
candid camera 1960s from
Oct 14, 2015 A 1960s classic at a New York City restaurant, where a mysterious hand hunts for food ...
Duration: 2:40
Posted: Oct 14, 2015
candid camera 1960s from
Jan 23, 2018 Back in the 1960s New York still had an Automat, where you got your food through a coin ...
Duration: 2:23
Posted: Jan 23, 2018
candid camera 1960s from
Oct 3, 2021 SPECIAL OFFER: Order Peter's funny new book, "Self-Amused” through our website and get a ...
Duration: 3:08
Posted: Oct 3, 2021
Home to Allen Funt's library of smiles, Candid Camera Gold contains the best clips from Allen's heyday in the 1960s and 1970s. It's a unique blend of hidden-...
candid camera 1960s from
Jun 21, 2001 Unsuspecting people are placed in confusing, impossible, embarrassing, ridiculous, and ...
Posted: Jun 21, 2001
candid camera 1960s from
May 9, 2016 Customers in a shoe repair shop are instructed to step only on the black squares. Allen Funt ...
Duration: 1:34
Posted: May 9, 2016
candid camera 1960s from
Jan 25, 2019 From back in 1962, when they had phone booths, some fun with noise outside the booth ...
Duration: 2:51
Posted: Jan 25, 2019
candid camera 1960s from
Aug 14, 2012 Allen Funt, creator and original host of the landmark television series Candid Camera, perfected ...
Duration: 2:56
Posted: Aug 14, 2012