Episode 5

Candid Camera: Episode 5
Twins race; assembly line; English shoplifting; U.S. shoplifting; kid tycoon.
Air date: August 20, 2012
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Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, #2102, In Colorado, a veterinarian fits pets for eyeglasses ...
Hilarious clips from TV's original reality show, starring Allen Funt and Peter Funt. Candid Camera is the only entertainment program to have produced new ep ...
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Where can I watch Candid Camera episodes?
Who originally did Candid Camera?
He's helped helm the seminal hidden camera show since the 1980s. "Whatever you do for a living, whether it's play baseball ... or slice meat in a deli, if you like what you're doing, you're lucky," said Funt, whose father, original "Candid Camera" host Allen Hunt, created the television show in 1948.
Is Candid Camera on Netflix?
Where can I see Candid Camera? You can see free streaming clips and buy DVDs at You can watch the recent edition of the show on Gospel Music Channel and you can see Allen Funt's cult classic film Money Talks streaming on Netflix.
When did Candid Camera end?
Candid Camera / Final episode date
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Aug 14, 2012 · Allen Funt, creator and original host of the landmark television series Candid Camera, perfected ...Duration: 2:57
Posted: Aug 14, 2012
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Ten disc collection of the long running grandfather of all reality shows. From Allen Funt's first show in 1948 to the latest shows hosted by his son Peter. Also ...
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Candid Camera. Season 1. (5) 4.72014TV-PG. Smile! Candid Camera's back with all-new gags drawn from today's headlines that put unsuspecting people on the ...
Episode dated 5 September 1965: With Durward Kirby, Allen Funt.
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Storyline · Taglines. Allen Funt and Durward Kirby click their hidden lens and develop rolls of laughter to brighten your screen. (season 5) · Genres. Comedy ...
Carnie Wilson guest stars as a tattoo artist; golfers are dismayed when balls fall off nearby tees. Where to Watch. Candid Camera, Season 1 Episode 5 image.
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