Gimme a Break!

1981 ‧ Sitcom ‧ 6 seasons
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Nell Harper is the no-nonsense housekeeper and surrogate mother for police chief Carl Kanisky's children: Samantha, Julie and Katie. The Kanisky daughters need all the help they can get after their mother dies - because Carl isn't exactly in touch...
Theme song: Gimme a Break
First episode date: October 29, 1981
No. of episodes: 137 (list of episodes)
No. of seasons: 6
Final episode date: May 12, 1987
S06 E25 · Mama's Date
May 12, 1987
S06 E24 · Someday My Prince ...
May 5, 1987
S06 E23 · Save the Church
Apr 28, 1987
S06 E22 · Parents Week
Mar 4, 1987
S06 E21 · Parents Week
Feb 25, 1987
S06 E20 · Joey the Gigolo
Feb 25, 1987
S06 E19 · Joey's Hero
Feb 11, 1987
S06 E18 · Joey's Teacher
Feb 4, 1987
S06 E17 · Joey's First Crush
Jan 28, 1987
S06 E16 · The Window
Jan 21, 1987
S06 E15 · The Window
Jan 21, 1987
S06 E14 · The Loan
Jan 14, 1987
S06 E13 · Nell's Secret Admirer
Jan 7, 1987
S06 E12 · Christmas in New York
Dec 10, 1986
S06 E11 · The Scam
Dec 3, 1986
S06 E10 · Joey the Gambler
Nov 26, 1986
S06 E09 · Harry the Hamster
Nov 19, 1986
S06 E08 · Nell the Boss
Nov 12, 1986
S06 E07 · I Love New York
Nov 5, 1986
S06 E06 · The Apartment
Oct 29, 1986
S06 E05 · Nell Goes Back to New York
Oct 15, 1986
S06 E04 · Joey Meets Matthew
Oct 8, 1986
S06 E03 · Below Sea Level
Oct 1, 1986
S06 E02 · Sam Goes to College
Sep 24, 1986
S06 E01 · Sam Goes to College
Sep 24, 1986
S05 E24 · The Purse Snatcher
May 10, 1986
S05 E23 · Found Money
May 3, 1986
S05 E22 · Katie's Korner
Apr 5, 1986
S05 E21 · Getting to Know You
Mar 29, 1986
S05 E20 · Family Reunion
Feb 22, 1986
S05 E19 · Pride and Prejudice
Feb 15, 1986
S05 E18 · A Lesson for Nell
Feb 8, 1986
S05 E17 · The Gun
Feb 1, 1986
S05 E16 · Bienvenido, Jonathan
Jan 18, 1986
S05 E15 · Second Chance
Jan 11, 1986
S05 E14 · Second Chance
Jan 4, 1986
S05 E13 · Snippits
Dec 14, 1985
S05 E12 · Katie's Apartment
Dec 7, 1985
S05 E11 · Nell's Gifted Child
Nov 30, 1985
S05 E10 · Nell's New Car
Nov 23, 1985
S05 E09 · The Elevator
Nov 16, 1985
S05 E08 · Sam's Little Girl
Nov 9, 1985
S05 E07 · Mama
Nov 2, 1985
S05 E06 · So Long, Jonathan
Oct 26, 1985
S05 E05 · Addy's Goodbye
Oct 19, 1985
S05 E04 · The Man From Zoron
Oct 5, 1985
S05 E03 · Ship of Fools
Sep 28, 1985
S05 E02 · Ship of Fools
Sep 21, 1985
S05 E01 · Joey's Train
Sep 14, 1985
S04 E25 · Julie's Birthday
May 11, 1985
S04 E24 · Friendship
May 4, 1985
Gimme a Break! is an American television sitcom created by Mort Lachman and Sy Rosen, that aired on NBC for six seasons from October 29, 1981, to May 12, ...
Theme music composer: Bob Christianson (first two seasons only); Jay Graydon
Original network: NBC
Original release: October 29, 1981 –; May 12, 1987
Executive producers: Hal Cooper; Mort Lachman; Rod Parker
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How long was Joey Lawrence on Gimme a Break?
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Did Julie have a baby on Gimme a Break?
Julie and Jonathan, who were now living in the Chief's old room, found out they were expecting a baby; their daughter, whom they named after Nell, was born before season's end. While never a powerhouse in the ratings, Gimme a Break! usually managed to land in the Top 40 during its first four seasons.
Was there a spin off of Gimme a Break?
The final spin-off attempt of Gimme a Break was at the end of season 5 in 1986 in "The Purse Snatcher". This episode dealt with a Greek restaurant called "Two Guys From Greece" and the two guys who worked at it, Nicky, and his friend Tyler.
Why did Chief Leave Gimme a Break?
Dolph Sweet's death forced 'Gimme a Break' to write his character off the show. On May 8, 1985, Dolph Sweet died of cancer at the age of 64, the AP reported. Because of the way TV shows are taped, his last appearance on Gimme a Break! aired only three days after Sweet's death.
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Nell agrees to look after the Kanisky's home, as a special favor to her dying friend, and takes on the role of housekeeper to widowed police chief Carl and ...
Three sexy but suffering millennials, image-obsessed Phoebe, neurotic, Ivy-leaguer, Jane, and depressed comedian, Abby, find comfort in food, ...
Gimme a Break! stars Nell Carter as Nell Harper, a once-aspiring singer who agrees to take on the responsibilities of the Kanisky family housekeeper as a ...
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Jul 27, 2019 · Gimme a Break! is an American sitcom that aired on NBC for six seasons from 1981 to 1987. The ...
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Gimme a Break! - Full Cast & Crew ... A feisty housekeeper named Nell helps a widowed police chief raise his three daughters in a sassy sitcom that mocked ...
Gimme a Break! ... A feisty housekeeper named Nell helps a widowed police chief raise his three daughters in a sassy sitcom that mocked stereotypes by showing a ...
Gimme a break, I sure deserve it. It's time I made it to the top. Gimme a break, I'm looking for it. Get behind me, Pull out every stop.
Gimme a Break! ... A widowed, overworked police captain with three rambunctious daughters matches wits with a feisty housekeeper, who enforces law and order at ...
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"Gimme A Break" revolves around Nell Harper (played by the late and very great Nell Carter, may she rest in peace) who moves in with Chief Charles Kanisky ( ...
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