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Candid Camera is a popular and long-running American hidden camera reality television series. Versions of the show appeared on television from 1948 until ...
Camera setup: Single camera
Original network: ABC (1948–49; 1974); NBC (1949–51; 1954-59; 1983); Syndication (1951–54; 1974-79; 1991-92); CBS (1959...
Original release: Original version: 1948 –1954; 1960 version: 1960 –1967; The New Candid Camera: 1974 –1979; The Candid ...
No. of episodes: 1,000+
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What are candid cameras?
Noun. candid camera (plural candid cameras) (photography, hyphenated when used attributively) A camera which is concealed or unobtrusive, used to obtain candid photographs of people who usually are unaware; the practice of taking such photos.
Why is it called Candid Camera?
Funt brought his program to ABC television in 1948, using the Candid Microphone title of the radio series, and then switched to NBC in the fall of 1949 (for Philip Morris, with Ken Roberts as his announcer), at which point its name was changed to Candid Camera.
How long was Candid Camera on television?
Candid Camera premiered in 1948, during the infancy of television as a medium, and went on to produce episodes for CBS, ABC, NBC, HBO and TV Land. Its run on CBS, from 1960 to 1967, was perhaps its most indelible.
Where can I watch Candid Camera episodes?
Unsuspecting people react to bizarre events. Streaming on Roku. Candid Camera, a comedy series is available to stream now. Watch it on Shout!
The official YouTube Channel for hilarious clips from Peter Funt's vast Candid Camera library. Please subscribe and check back often for new clips every ...
Person: Peter Funt
Rating (428)
Candid Camera: With Allen Funt, Durward Kirby, Sid Raymond, Dorothy Collins. Unsuspecting people are placed in confusing, impossible, embarrassing, ...
Rating (117)
Original host Allen Funt's son, Peter Funt, takes over as the host of this program featuring ordinary people being filmed in unusual situations. Typical gags ...
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Candid Camera is the only show in TV history to have produced new episodes in each of the last 8 decades! This is the official page for the show – bringing ...
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Format: Box set, Closed-captioned, Color, DVD, NTSC
Media Format: Box set, Closed-captioned, Color, DVD, NTSC
Candid Camera, the first and longest running reality-based comedy program, premiered on ABC 10 August 1948 under its original radio title Candid Microphone.
Candid Camera. Weekly hidden camera series hosted by Allen Funt. Season 1; Season 2; Season 3.