Cast & Crew
  • Gaten Matarazzo. Host.
  • Peter Giles. Narrator.
  • Anthony Gonzales.
  • Doug Perkins. Screenwriter.
  • David Storrs. Screenwriter.
  • Gaten Matarazzo.
  • Ben Silverman.
  • Howard T. Owens.
Cast & Crew ; Gaten Matarazzo Host ; Peter Giles Narrator ; Anthony Gonzales Director ; Doug Perkins Screenwriter ; David Storrs Screenwriter.
Rating (2,818)
Top cast ; David Storrs · Various ; Gaten Matarazzo · Self - Host ; Peter Giles · Announcer ; Henry Dittman · Dr. Ritter ; Susan Spano · Audio Description Narrator.
Rating (160)
Top cast ; Gaten Matarazzo · Self - Host ; David Storrs · Crazed Hiker ; Mary Gallagher · Kelly ; Sven Holmberg · Daniel ; Julian Gant · Burt.
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Who plays Finn in prank encounters?
Who plays Jackie in prank encounters?
Prank Encounters (TV Series 2019– ) - Olivia DeLaurentis as Jackie, Patti, Stacey - IMDb.
When did prank encounters season 2 come out?
A second season was released on April 1, 2021 and consist of 7 episodes.
Can a 10 year old watch prank encounters?
Prank encounters is a 15+ for some reason which I don't really get considering how squid game is WAY worse and it's also a 15+ but I think only 9+ because the only reason why it is a 15+ is because of all the cursing, on the good side it has one of my favourite actors in it, Gaten matarazzo, I give it a 4 stars because ...
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Cast and Characters · Gaten Matarazzo (host) · Peter Giles as an announcer · David Storrs as Dave · Mary Gallagher as Becky · Sven Holmberg as Daniel · Julian Gant as ...
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Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo sets up elaborate pranks with the help of actors, "hiring" two unsuspecting victims to do jobs at two separate locations.