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Can I take my child to A&E?
Take your child to the nearest A&E department or minor injuries unit. If their nose is blocked, show your child how to breathe through their mouth. If your child has a button battery lodged in their nose or ear, take them to A&E straight away as this is an emergency.
What age is child A&E?
Anyone aged under 18 needing care for an accident or emergency can visit us. Children attending our emergency departments are seen by nurses and doctors, who are supported by consultant paediatricians and paediatric nurses. The department is separated from but works alongside our adult emergency departments.
What happens at a& E?
They may arrange some other tests such as a chest x-ray, ECG (a measure of the how the heart is beating), blood tests or a urine sample. The results of these tests, all of which can be done in an hour or so, will help the hospital work out what is wrong with you and if you need treatment urgently.
Does a 16 year old go to Childrens A&E?
For the purposes of clarity young people can be seen in children's A&E until they are 17 years and 364 days old. All patients arriving at the emergency department who are aged under 18 must be triaged by a nurse working in paediatric A&E.
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A paediatric emergency department is a hospital A&E that treats children. ... Go to your nearest paediatric emergency department if your child:.
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Do you need to come to A&E? ... Our emergency departments at Barnet Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital are open for 24 hours, seven days each week.
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