Candid Camera is a popular and long-running American hidden camera reality television series ... In 1970, Funt wrote, narrated, directed and produced an X-rated Candid...
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Camera setup: Single camera
Original network: ABC (1948–49); NBC (1949–51); Syndication (1951–54); NBC (1954–59); CBS (1959–67); ABC (1974); Syndi...
Original release: Original version: 1948–54; 1960 version: 1960–67; The New Candid Camera: 1974–79; The Candid Camera S...
No. of episodes: 1,000+
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When did Candid Camera start?
August 10, 1948
Candid Camera / First episode date
Who used to do Candid Camera?
Candid Camera (1960-67) borrowed its format from an American show of the same name and was first presented by the comedian Bob Monkhouse. Routh and, initially, Arthur Atkins, were the frontmen for the hidden-camera tricks, which were meticulously planned.
When did Candid Camera end?
Candid Camera / Final episode date
Who was the first presenter of Candid Camera?
The host was Bob Monkhouse. The people playing the jokes on the public where Jonathan Routh and Arthur Atkins and it lasted for seven years. The UK version of Candid Camera came British TV's in 1960. The host was Bob Monkhouse.
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Candid Camera: With Allen Funt, Durward Kirby, Sid Raymond, Dorothy Collins. Unsuspecting people are placed in confusing, impossible, embarrassing,...
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Candid Camera: Created by Allen Funt. With Peter Dulay, Sheila Bernette, Eve Polycarpou, Arthur Atkins. The UK version of Candid Camera came British TV's in...
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Sep 21, 2015 In this 1970s classic, a customer is stuck on a bank line while everyone else moves. Allen Funt ...
Duration: 3:20
Posted: Sep 21, 2015
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Candid Camera came to Britain in 1960, with pranksters like Arthur Atkins and Jonathan Routh, and with Bob Monkhouse as the first host. The show preyed on...
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Bonus Featurette: Peter Funt looks at Candid Camera in the 1970's. 25th Anniversary Special: Broadcast on ABC-TV. TRAFFIC COP SET TO MUSIC: The cop's...