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Feb 10, 2021 · Whoever wrote "The Head" has never been in subzero weather. (No spoilers, just weather talk.) It's currently 5° outside where I live -4° with the windchill.
Mar 27, 2021 · I watched The Head during the big snow storm (thought it fitting) and figured out the "twist" by the third episode (booooo, ... Edited for spoiler tag.
Feb 6, 2021 · And this series ending was pretty great IMO. Closed room murder mysteries are such a rich sub genre that I wouldn't be able to bear only one movie being able to ...
Feb 8, 2021 · Using her fragmented memories, Johan tries to piece together what happened. But then, he finds Arthur, who claims Maggie is the murderer. In the finale, Maggie ...
May 12, 2021 · Fans on Reddit found a huge spoiler in the trailer for Mare of Easttown episode 5, check it out here.
Apr 29, 2021 · Confused about the ending of Things Heard and Seen on Netflix? Decider spoke to the directors to get the Things Seen and Heard ending explained.
Jan 14, 2022 · Why did Samuel the cult leader want this random woman? Because Melody was secretly a Baldung witch this entire time, exactly the kind of witch this spell ...
Mar 22, 2021 · Deadly Illusions is currently the number one most-watched movie on Netflix, with viewers across the world loving every twist and turn of the thriller ...
Apr 29, 2021 · Director David Prior shines some light on the bleak ending to his cosmic thriller and whether there'll be a sequel. By Dan Jackson. Published on 4/29/2021 at ...
Jan 14, 2022 · This recap of Netflix's After Life season 3, episode 6 -- the finale and ending explained -- contains spoilers. Read the review of the third and final.